10 Ways to Attract New Followers on TikTok

10 Ways to Attract New Followers on TikTok

It is one of the most popular social media platforms, used by a million people to create and share short videos. Tiktok is getting more hype day by day and is progressing so fast. It is estimated that about 25 million people actively use it every month. It makes you feel like you are doing online karaoke because of its feature of lip-syncing. It holds significant popularity due to its act-out videos or memes with music and short clips of songs.

Just like Instagram, Facebook, and twitter, people also desire to have more subscribers on their TikTok accounts, and for this purpose, they consider getting social media services. But, it requires you to learn some strategies for increasing your Tiktok followers. Some of the techniques involve;

Posting Genuine Stuff

Always make sure you select the appropriate and unique content, before posting it. You are not going to get more followers if there is nothing new in your content and you post the same things as others do. You must think about that what is going to make you stand out on this platform. Be it be your skits, sense of dressing, the way you perform, everything must be unique and different.

10 Ways to Attract New Followers on TikTok

Post Regularly

If you want to get more fame on TikTok you need to stay active and update your profile regularly. It is the requirement of every social media app, as people start losing interest in you when you stop posting regularly. It is not important to post your videos each day, but planning up when to post videos can prove helpful in this regard. Posting videos after every second day or posting them week after week is a better idea.

Follow Others

It is important to grow your social circle by following others on Tiktok. When you follow people, they follow you back. This way you become part of a social community that helps you gain more followers in no time.

Follow Trending Tags

10 Ways to Attract New Followers on TikTok

Perform the trending challenges, keep up with trends and skits and upload them to your profile. This will help you gain more likes, which ultimately converts into followers when they share your videos of you performing a viral challenge.

Upload Content in Peak Hours

Sometimes, you upload so much content on your profile but you disappoint after gaining fewer likes. This is because you post your content continuously without taking a pause. To get more Tiktok likes, you must make sure that you post your videos between peak hours, which start around 11’o o’clock in the morning and 6 pm. This is the time frame when most people actively use Tiktok.

Use New Music and Tracks

It is not necessary to show your moves in every video, but if you feel like dancing, then you must choose new songs which are trending with time. Everyone loves the new music and when they find anyone using their favorite music in their videos, they start liking it.

Team Up with Others

10 Ways to Attract New Followers on TikTok

Teaming up with other users for a duet video is the best way to increase TikTok followers and your fan base on Tiktok. You can perform with the other user without knowing the other. Always search for the users who have the same number of followers as you have. It increases your chances to get more followers and you can start acting in collaboration with famous users.

Follow the Experts

Before making your videos on anything you must visit the profiles of experts and learn from them. For example, if you’re making a short video of a makeup tutorial, you must follow and visit the profiles of makeup experts. It will help you learn more and will prevent you from the risks of making minor mistakes.

Use Better Equipment

You might have observed that the famous Tiktok stars use professional gadgets or equipment for making their videos. They don’t make their videos with dirty backgrounds with low light. You must buy a phone tripod if there is no one to stand for making your videos.

Share your Profile on Other Social Networks

Sharing the link of your account on your Twitter bio, or sharing your Tiktok videos on Facebook and Instagram, plays a vital role in engaging people. If you have a huge fan base on other sites, you must share your content there, which will make people follow you on your Tiktok as well.

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