Spotify is the biggest music streaming platform that is expanding to include users from all across the globe. Users can access millions of different songs and choose from the vast collection using the number of likes, plays, streams, and shares.  Customized playlists can be designed for special events like a road trip. Some countries, however, are yet to offer the service of Spotify and the service is not available for free, which is why many users are in search of an alternative to Spotify for their music streaming. Luckily, there are numerous music streaming services springing in the recent years and the top 5 free apps like Spotify are the following:

1 YouTube Music

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is not just an alternative, but a better one at that! This competitor is expected to bring Spotify down from its height from fame. It provides nearly all the music available on Spotify and with Al, it tailors the user’s playlist to the user’s liking. With the massive influence of Google, the owner of YouTube behind it, YouTube Music is bound to see fame unlike any other. The best feature of this app is the ability to access every YouTube version there is for the song. YouTube Music features a huge music library and a diversity of songs.


2 Deezer


Deezer is more or less a Spotify duplicate, with all that Spotify has to offer and for free! It currently has 53 million tracks with playlists of hip music editors and your soundtrack. The music library is diverse and up-to-date, tailored suggestions are there and the app works in offline mode as well. The interface is also very interesting and easy to use.

3 SoundCloud


Soundcloud is the web’s oldest site for music streaming and sharing free of cost. This is indeed the best platform to explore new music artists and get famous by creating your own unique content. Soundcloud’s music library is impressive with a diversity of songs with community-based suggestions. The home page will provide you new music that is currently in fashion. Its highly active community and presence of new artists make it stand out among other alternatives.

4 LiveXLive


LiveXLive is compatible with iOS, Roku, and Android. It allows users to make their own playlist with their preference of song, album, artist, or genre. You also get suggestions based on your preferences. The free LiveXLive version has between-song advertisements that usually have a skip limit of 6 per station. If you upgrade to the premium version, you can get unlimited skips and use the offline mode as well. The premium version also has special live streams and allows you to play music on demand.

5 BandCamp


On Bandcamp, you can find a range of indie artists and offer them your support as you please. This is the ideal platform for musicians, fans, and labels. When signing up, you will decide which one of the three you want to use the app as. The app features card exchanges from fans to their favorite bands and allows users to run blogs with famous music artists.

These Spotify alternatives are gaining popularity by the day because, as opposed to Spotify, they are free of cost and that is a huge benefit.

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