Beginners Guide to Get More SoundCloud Plays and Downloads

Beginners Guide to Get More SoundCloud Plays and Downloads

Creating and uploading music in SoundCloud is not difficult. What’s truly difficult is getting your music heard. You need to tell people about your work by posting regular updates on other social sites. Every user who uses this platform to create music wants to get rewarded by their followers in the form of excessive plays, reposts, and downloads. SoundCloud is all about plays. The more the number of plays, the more you are getting recognition as an artist and your tracks are being heard.

So, if you’re new to SoundCloud, you might wonder how can you increase the number of plays and downloads on your tracks? Is there something effective and worth doing?

How to Increase Plays and Downloads

Beginners Guide to Get More SoundCloud Plays and Downloads

Getting more downloads and plays on SoundCloud could be kind of challenging, but you need to focus on two areas. First, make sure to focus a lot on the quality of your music. Never compromise on the quality. Secondly, focus on your profile. Your picture, username, and bio should be appealing.

Here’s how you can optimize your SoundCloud profile following the best practices of SEO, so your profile gets noticed by more and more people.

Make a Video For Your Track

SoundCloud allows users to post an audio version of the track. However, it is also true that the audio is not as captivating as the video. An artist always needs to make a music video to experience high engagement from his fans.

Therefore, always record a video for your song. You can post the video on your YouTube channel or other social media platforms where you already have a good following and mention the link to SoundCloud tracks. This will help in getting more plays and reposts.

Take Advantage of Social Platforms

The key to increase plays on SoundCloud is by introducing your account to other social platforms. When you post about your music on other sites, people will be curious to visit your SoundCloud account to acknowledge your work. It will not only increase your plays but also increase your SoundCloud followers. Take advantage of other platforms to the fullest to promote your music. Stay active on social media. Post teasers and images of your songs on Instagram. Post music videos on YouTube.

Beginners Guide to Get More SoundCloud Plays and Downloads

Communicate With Your Fans

If you disappear after posting a track, I can bet you won’t be getting any plays. SoundCloud is not the platform for interaction and communication, but you can use other social sites to communicate with your fans. If you engage with your fans, they will show more engagement in your work. Not only fans, try to communicate with fellow artists as well. Compliment their efforts and let them know you have enjoyed listening to their tracks by leaving a comment. You can also repost their tracks.

Optimize your Tracks

It is not only your music that matters, what’s equally important is how you present it to your followers. This is what is going to determine the number of plays for a certain track. Don’t put all of your effort into the track. Put some effort into the image and description of your song to attract followers. The image is what might catch the audience’s attention. Therefore, make it as appealing as you can. Other than that, write a suitable description for your track. You can mention its genre. You can also add lyrics to make it more engaging.

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