Can You See who Likes your Spotify Playlist?

Irrespective of the ancient or modern times, music is always a part of our lives. The devices for music listening are changing with the time. Now we are listening to music within a second by mobile phones and other portable devices. The app developers develop different apps of music in mobiles for the music listeners. These apps are designed in best possible features to meet the needs and desires of users. Spotify is one of those apps that provides recorded music and podcasts. Spotify provides music streaming and offline listening is also available through paid subscription.
It is top trending because it provides such features that users prefer like personalized settings. In this app you can change the cover image of your album according to your will. Apart from making a playlist which is the basic feature of every music app, Spotify also provides that you can share your playlist on other social media. You can also make a playlist with sharing of songs by the help of other users. You can easily search songs either by the artist, genre, album and record label.
Most of you want those who like your music collection. So can you see who likes your playlist? Do you want to check how appealing your taste in music is? Unfortunately Spotify does not give you this option to exactly know those persons who liked your playlist. Spotify offers this option for how many people follow you and who is following you. Following or liking is somehow similar. If someone follows your playlist then it means he/she likes your taste of music. If he/she is not following or non-follow you it means your playlist is not up to the mark. You can increase your followers and likes by buying Spotify followers too. So we can see how we can check who are following us:

How to see Spotify Followers

  • Open the app on your phone
  • On the top right corner there is a gear option
  • Tap it
  • Setting pop up appears
  • Go to the view profile tab and tap it
  • Tap the followers tab to see who is following your playlist

The method for checking the followers is different on computers. On computer following steps are followed:

How to see Spotify Followers

  • Open Spotify app on your windows
  • Log into your account
  • Click on your profile name
  • Click the followers tab on your profile
  • Then a list of followers appears.

Have you ever thought about why you or other people want to know who and how many people are following them? How many of them like your playlist? The reason is it may prove beneficial for them in terms of finance. Suppose if you have many followers because of your classy taste in the playlist, some unpopular artist will pay you to include his/her songs. In this way those unpopular artists whose songs are not heard or recognized get fame. So if you are an artist Spotify will give you recognition. Spotify is the source of fame for the unpopular or new talent. So we can also say that Spotify provides career promotion.

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How to Make a Collaborative Playlist on Spotify

When we talk about playlist collaborations, we see people enjoying themselves together through the music and Podcasts. That is why Spotify has given an update to the collaborative playlist so that people can continue using it without any hindrance and have a great time with their family and friends through the magic of music.

The recommendations of the podcasts can be interchanged beautifully through collaborative playlists. A blend of the different interests of music and new discoveries is created through the playlists. It always presents users with new options and upgraded features. Spotify has updated itself in terms of characteristics of collaborative playlist that others are able to join and even let their tracks be its part.

People keep wondering how to create a collaborative playlist on Spotify. It is a very easy process if the steps given below are followed properly:

On a Mobile Phone

how to make collaborative playlist on spotify

If you are creating a playlist on a mobile phone then:

  • First of all, you need to install the upgraded version of the mobile application of Spotify and open it.
  • Go to the library
  • Go to the playlists and then choose your created track.
  • There is a button of “add user”, click on it.
  • Then you have to select the option of “make collaborative”
  • As your playlist is created, you can share it easily with all your friends who are available on Spotify.

On a Desktop

how to make a collaborative playlist on spotify on desktop

But if you are creating a playlist on your desktop then:

  • Simply go to the Spotify application or website.
  • At the left side of the panel, you have to click right on the playlist.
  • Pick out a collaborative playlist and then share it in your social circle.

Keep in mind that only your own created playlist can be collaborated by people. You will be able to see an icon of a circle to be sure that the creative playlist is now collaborative.

Spotify has updated itself in a way that through the feature of the collaborative playlist, people can work together to make one grand playlist. That is only possible through sharing it with your friends who can then add various tracks to it.

This is a completely safe process where you will also be able to see what the other person is doing to the tracks. The playlist keeps notifying you about the changes occurring. The avatar of the person will be visible when the collaborative playlist receives any track.

Another best available option is that no premium subscription of Spotify is needed to perform the action of creating the collaborative playlist. Spotify free and Spotify premium, both can easily use this feature of creating collaborative playlists.

The only matter of concern for Spotify free users is the disruption of ads when listening to the playlist. But the ads do not display themselves most of the time so usually, it is a smooth and joyful experience. Also, when trying to share the playlist with your friends, simply copy the link and that will help you spread it wide!

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How to Download Music From Spotify Without The Premium?

Spotify has become the main platform for music today where users can listen to free songs, albums, and playlists online. People engage with their friends and family to increase their plays, likes, streams, and shares.  While Spotify is all good for most premium users as it offers all the advanced features in the premium version, the simple version of the app does not offer these advanced features. Many people ask whether downloading music from Spotify is only for premium users or if there a way around to download music without the premium? If you are looking for an answer, here is how to download music from Spotify without premium!

Downloading music from Spotify without the premium

There are three different ways in which you can download Spotify music without any premium version. These simple methods are described below.

Method 1: Running a Spotify music converter.

Running a Spotify music converter.

Step 1: The first method to download Spotify music is to download the Spotify music converter. Download the Spotify music converter app on your Windows or Mac. Once it is downloaded, run the program with the main interface.

Step 2: Add the albums, songs, and playlist to the app. You can either add the files to the app or drag and drop.

Step 3: By default, the setting is to MP3 option. You can choose another format if needed.

Step 4: After choosing the format, simply click the convert button to remove the DRM Spotify playlist music and download the songs in MP3 form. The DRM-free music plain formats can easily be obtained.

Step 5: Once converted, the history icon can be clicked to quickly find the DRM-free song on Spotify. You can then easily transfer and play.

Method 2: Downloading Spotify library through Spotify downloader online.

As an extension of chrome, Deezify also allows downloading of Spotify music streams to Mp3 versions without any such ads. This can be done through the chrome browser.

Step 1: Open your google chrome browser and go to the settings à more tools –à get more extensions à search store. From here you can then type “Deezify” to download to your chrome browser.

Step 2: Open the Spotify app in your browser and play your music. After this Deezify will download the music streaming from the app to an MP3 file.

Method 3: Screen recorder for downloading Spotify music.

Screen recorder for downloading Spotify music.

Apart from these two methods, one other method to download your music with Spotify is to use a screen recorder to download music in unprotected forms of WMA, MP3, M4A, or ACC on the computer. Even though this is a screen recorder, it works as well as a music downloader. When the recording is complete, Spotify music can easily be played on every device. When you start the REC, the recorder records the song with the computer’s microphone and sound. This is one alternative way to download music from Spotify amongst other apps.

These simple methods described above can be used to easily download your favorite music from Spotify with ease. 


How to Mark Playlist for Offline Sync Spotify

Music streaming has never been this much as it has now been with Spotify, a music streaming app that allows you to listen to music in different ways. You can search up songs, follow radio stations, save, and create your playlists. This is a streaming service that does not save the songs to your iPhone. With a stable internet connection, this can work very well, but if you are traveling or do not have an internet connection, this can be a problem.

In the case where you do not have an internet connection, Spotify allows you to make your playlist offline. If you want to use Spotify offline, here is a step-by-step guide for marking your playlist for offline sync.

Spotify: How Does it Work?

Spotify is rather simple and easy to use. Here is how you can easily start using it today.

  1. Visit the Spotify website to sign-up: The first step is to create your account on the website. You can use a Facebook account to make it easy to find friends and family. With your family and friends added, you can listen and share the songs with them. You can get more Spotify streams, plays, likes, and shares with more people following you.
  2. Choose a subscription: You can choose different subscription packages with Spotify, but the premium version is recommended because it can give access to all the special features that the app offers. It is more flexible and connects to more devices.
  3. Download and install the app: Download and install the application. There are iPad/iPhone, desktop, and Android versions of the app available.
  4. Signing into your account: To get started on listening to songs sign into your account and enjoy!

How to Mark Playlist for Offline Sync Spotify IPhone?

The feature of offline sync is only available on the premium version of Spotify. This step-by-step guide is for iPhone offline syncing.

Step 1: Open Spotify on your phone after downloading the application. The app will be in the app section once you have downloaded it.

Step 2: Select the option of the “Your Library” tab located at the screen bottom.

Step 3: Select the “Playlist” option after the previous step.

How to Mark Playlist for Offline Sync Spotify IPhone?


Step 4: Once you reach the playlist, choose the playlist that you want to add to the offline list.

How to Mark Playlist for Offline Sync Spotify IPhone?

Step 5:  On the right side of the download option, you will see a button. Tap this button to save the playlist to the device. This makes this playlist available even when your Spotify is offline. The playlist downloading may take a while depending on the number of songs and the speed of your internet connection.


If you think that you do not have enough space in your device to download the music of your choice, try to find out the storage of your iPhone. This will help you identify the apps that are taking up most of the space. You can then delete these apps to get some space freed for creating your offline playlist on Spotify. With this simple step-by-step guide, you can easily enjoy your favorite songs even without an internet connection!

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How to Change your Profile Picture on Spotify

A Profile Picture

A profile picture is a photograph that you upload on any kind of profile that you have on a social media platform. A profile picture shows who you are (if it’s your own picture) or it can also show the niche of your profile or blog. A profile picture can be of a great importance if you choose it wisely and if you upload it according to the bio and the impression of your profile. As now-a-days people judge you by your looks most of the time, choosing a good profile picture can add to the chances of having a good impression on people.

Importance of Profile Picture

A profile picture adds a great deal to your profile. There are several benefits of having your own profile picture on your profile that are;

  • A profile picture enhances the over all look of your profile.
  • People can be intimidated by your picture.
  • Your personality can inspire people and at the same time add to your fan-following.
  • It revives and alleviates the profile.

Spotify Account

On your account, you can upload and manage any profile picture you like. It can be your own or it can have a specific significance related to your taste of music as what matters is what you like and you profile is your own territory. Just be sure to know that the profile picture you published or uploaded does not have any kind of copyright issues or are not the logos of a renowned music company. If you upload that kind of a picture you can be dealing with some kind of penalty on Spotify so it is better to be careful.

Changing the Profile Picture

Many people are confused about the settings and editing of their Spotify account. One of these editing options is changing your profile picture. We will get to that part but there are things that you should be aware of before trying to change your profile picture;

  • You cannot do it on your mobile phone or tablet if you have the Spotify app downloaded.
  • You cannot even change the picture on Spotify web app. You can edit your account information here but the profile picture cannot be edited.
  • What you actually need to do is to download Spotify on your computer.

Step by Step Procedure

So here I would explain how to change your profile picture on Spotify;

  • Download the Spotify app onto your computer.
  • Go to your profile on the extreme right of the web page.

How to change your profile picture on Spotify

  • Click on “Change” written at the bottom of the picture.

How to change your profile picture on Spotify

  • It would take you to the options in your computer from where you can choose whatever picture you like that is lying in any one of the folders.

How to change your profile picture on Spotify

  • Choose the picture from destination and the picture would change.
  • It is better to have a compressed image because Spotify may have set an image size for your profile.

How to change your profile picture on Spotify

By following this step-by-step guide, your profile picture would be upgraded to the picture you want on your profile. The guideline is thoroughly explained so there would be no issues in changing your profile using these steps.

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How to Add Songs to Spotify from the Computer?

What is Spotify?

Spotify is one of the most popular digital apps that streams live music, recorded albums, cover uploads and podcasts. Spotify made listening music easier and gave the users a handy app where songs can be listened to, saved and even your version can be uploaded. By the end of 2021, Spotify aims to expand its services to 178 different countries of the world.

Free vs Premium Spotify

Usage and Importance

Spotify; like any other app can be downloaded on your mobile phone, PC or tablet. It gives its services to Apple and android as well as the gamers can even download it in their gaming devices such as PlayStation. The interface is very easy to use as the songs can be searched, you can make playlists and even download them to use in no connection area.

It helps the renowned artists or even the newbies to grow as if a user clicks on his/her song and plays it for 30 seconds, it would be counted as a stream. The more streams an artist has, the more money he would get by Spotify. A song can also be shared on the app, the more shares a song gets, the more it would be promoted and liked by the users.

Free vs Premium Versions

Free vs Premium Spotify

  • The free version or the trial version of Spotify is for monthly use to make people aware of the app and if they like them, they can buy the premium version for future usage.
  • The songs can be downloaded in the premium version which cannot be done in the trial period.
  • Free version adds songs to your playlist by itself but the premium version restricts the app from interfering in your personal album and choices.
  • Premium version offers better audio quality than the free ones.
  • There are no ads in between the songs to irritate you in the premium version while the free version allows the advertisements to display and interrupt your music.
  • Only 6 skips per hour are allowed in the free version while there is no such restriction in the premium one.
  • In the premium version the app runs offline as well as online but it does not do so in the free version.
  • The playlist also has the songs that you liked on Spotify. Based on your likes, these songs are present in your playlist. This can be done both in premium and free version.

Adding Songs From a Computer

I have described the difference between premium and free version so this option is only available in the premium version where you can upload the songs that you want in your playlist and get them on Spotify whenever you want to listen to them. Let me explain how to add songs to Spotify from the computer.

  • The first and foremost thing is to get a premium version of your account.

How to add songs to Spotify from the computer

  • Once done with getting the premium version, log into your account and open the home screen.

How to add songs to Spotify from the computer

  • Go to the 3 dots on the extreme left of your screen and click there.

How to add songs to Spotify from the computer

  • Choose the option; “Edit”
  • Come down in the next pop-up square and click “Preferences or CTRL + P

How to add songs to Spotify from the computer

  • In the sub contents click on “Show songs from”
  •  A pop-up would show that would give different options. Choose the destination of your song/Mp3 file. Once the song is selected press “okay” and the song would be added to your Spotify.

How to add songs to Spotify from the computer

  • Now choose the option “Local Files” from the categories listed on the left side of the screen.

How to add songs to Spotify from the computer

  • There it would show your uploaded files.

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How to See Who Follows Your Spotify Playlist

Spotify is the best platform for the streaming of music online.
It comes up with amazing features that impress the users to a great extent. The best one so far is the public playlist where people are allowed to follow each other and then form collaborated playlist through a certain series of actions.

The basic question that comes into the minds of the people is How to see who follows your Spotify playlist. Unfortunately, this feature was finished years ago by Spotify, and today you cannot see directly your followers. But you are able to see the number of followers you have and take a look at only a few of the people who follow you.

How to See Who Liked Your Playlist on Spotify?

Spotify may have locked the ways to see your followers but there are some strategies that can be used to see who follows your Spotify playlist.

The method is very easy if you know how to perform the actions properly:

  • Open the application of Spotify and then go to the settings of your account.
  • You have to open the profile of your Spotify by clicking on view profile.

opening the spotify profile

  • Below your username, you have three options. You have to click on “Followers”.

open followers tab on your spotify profile

  • This opens up the list of the people who are following you.

list of your spotify followers

  • Open every profile individually and see which playlists your followers are following.
  • If your playlist is visible, it means they are following your Spotify playlist.
  • This is quite easy but a time taking process.

But if you want to see how many people are following your playlist then

  • Go to the application of Spotify on your mobile phone which opens up its home screen.

open the spotify app

  • Go to the option of “library”.

open the spotify library

  • You can see all yours’ and others’ created playlists together at one spot.
  • You have to choose one playlist whose followers you want to check

check the number of followers on a playlist

You may be able to check the number of people following your playlist but you will not be able to see the names of those followers. Sometimes the number of likes is visible on the playlist but that is equal to the number of followers on your Spotify playlist.

When somebody follows your account, you are not notified about it so you consistently have to open your account and see the number of your followers or the person who’s following you. You may not be able to see specifically who follows your playlist but you may see the ones following your account. Spotify may have removed the feature of viewing your playlist followers but with the use of other tricks, a genuine but long approach is easily accessible. Possibly, in near future, Spotify might reactivate this feature for the ease of users as the rate of streams by people following this application is increasing at a fast speed.

If it’s important for you to see the followers of your playlist, go for the above-mentioned steps and you will be able to get your desired result.


How to Change Spotify Password?

Spotify is a music streaming app used all over the world. It is known for having the world’s largest artists and early releases of their albums and songs. It also has podcast channels which many people are a fan of and can be very informative and interesting.

There are different forms of Spotify available. You can either use Spotify premium by paying a fee for it or you can use it completely free. Although, you miss out on certain important features like unlimited track skips and offline music etc.

As we know that Spotify requires you to create an account for its operations therefore you must have an account on it. But many people forget their passwords so naturally if they want to login anywhere else their main question is how to change Spotify password? So that they can access their old playlists and stream their favorite songs.

Here is how you can change and reset your password on Spotify:

Changing Your Password

How to Change Spotify Password?

You can change your Spotify password by the following steps:

  • Whether you are on your Android or IOS phone or Mac or Windows laptop. Go to your browser application and open the Spotify webpage
  • Login to your ID by providing the old password and username

Change Spotify Password

  • You will see a password change page. Click or press on that to open it

Change Spotify Password

  • There will be a menu box saying ‘current password’. Write the password that you are using at that time
  • There will be another dialogue box below it saying ‘new password’ with another one that reads ‘repeat new password’
  • Enter the password that you want to update in both the boxes

Change Spotify Password

  • Click on ‘set new password’

In this way your password is successfully changed to a new password.

However, in case you completely forget your password you can also reset it:

Resetting the Password

To completely reset the password follow these instructions:

  • Go to your Spotify webpage to the menu where you are asked to login to your account
  • Click on the ‘password reset’ from there to set a new password


  • Either enter your email or username in the a box which asks for it and press send

Enter email to Reset Spotify Password

  • An email will be sent to your email address from Spotify which will be titled as ‘reset your password’

Recieved email for Spotify Password Reset

  • Open the email and find the link provided in it. Click on the link and it will redirect you to another page

Check Link in Email to Reset Spotify Password

  • Here you can add your new password in ‘new password’ box and then type it again in ‘repeat new password’ box

Done Reset Spotify Password

  • Then press on ‘set password’

And now you can use your newly set password to login your Spotify account on your devices. In some cases the email does not show up. In that case, you can go tour span or trash folder and might find the mail there. Or you can request for the mail to be sent again and then access it from there. 

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How to Add Local Files to Spotify?

Spotify is a very vast software. Along with listening to music from artists from all over the world, you can also add files locally on it from your mobile phone or your computer. It does not limit this on platforms as both major software for phones like Android and IOS and the two major ones for computer that are Mac OS and Windows are all supported by it.
The only limitation that you face when uploading local files on Spotify is that you must have a premium account for it. But the premium account does not cost much and is even cheaper for students so that you can stream your favorite songs.
The method to add local files on Spotify is different for both Android and IOS devices as well as computers. So to answer the question of how to add local files to Spotify you can follow the below mentioned steps:

Adding Local Files to Spotify

How to add local files to Spotify

If you have an IOS device and can also be used for desktop if you follow the first 4 steps and have a working premium Spotify account then follow these steps to add local files:

  • Firstly open your Spotify account and go to settings on the top right corner
  • After opening the settings, navigate local files and switch to ‘show local files’
  • If you want to stop adding files from a certain folder remove it
  • You can now click on ‘add a source’ and you can now upload any other folder  you want as well
  • Add the files by making a playlist
  • You need to have your mobile phone connected to the same WIFI network as your computer
  • Now, go to settings and press on local files and select ‘enable sync from desktop’
  • Now you can have an entire playlist with your local songs and download it on your phone

How to add local files to Spotify

In this way you can add local files using your IOS device or a computer and sync your local files and download them as a playlist.

The procedure is a little different for Android devices but not that different. For android phones following steps are followed:

  • Follow the first 4 steps that you did for IOS devices.
  • After getting all the files, add them to a playlist
  • Again login to your phone or any other android device you are using on the same WIFI network as your computer
  • Now download the playlist containing your local files.

How to add local files to Spotify

There are certain limitations and certain things that must be kept in mind otherwise you won’t be able to upload your files. Firstly whether you are using an IOS or Android device, the WIFI network you are using should be the same on all devices for them to sync with each other. Also, Spotify only supports certain types of files. So if your songs are in mp3, m4p or mp4 format you can add them but they must not have any video.

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How to Upload Songs to Spotify?

Spotify is concerned with the promotion of rising talents as well. Today, Spotify has multiple users worldwide. Most of them know Spotify as a site that provides you access to millions of songs, audio, and video streamingIt has free browse and search services. You can relish music of your own choice on Spotify. But many people wonder, “Can they upload their album using Spotify”? you will be pleased to hear, “yes, you can”. You can upload your songs to Spotify. Spotify for artists is the best platform for new artists to show their talents and build their fan following. You can market your latest collection to people around. 

How To Get Your Song To Spotify?

Spotify provides streaming services as well. Many people are unaware of these Spotify services. Spotify provides you a bulk volume of its music library for its paid subscribers. You can upload your music to the library using some of the easy steps.

  • First of all, Log in to your Spotify account on your PC. As the songs can be uploaded to your Spotify by a Laptop or PC.
  • You can see a drop-down menu on the top right corner. Click on this “drop-down menu” and you will get a list.

drop-down menu on the top right corner

  • From this list click the setting button. There you will found a feature named “Local Files”. 

  • For browsing the music or album you want to upload to your account, click on the “Add a Source” feature. 
  • Add any music or song from your PC and select the album you want it to show up in your Spotify library.


  • Keep on checking your progress. Share your album. Let people know about your release. Market your songs to get better traffic. You can earn well from your talent from this platform. 

You can create your playlist on Spotify. To listen to your favorite songs when you are offline, you can add the songs to your playlist.

Why Should You Get Your Uploads Covered?

Why Should You Get Your Uploads Covered?

In the above section, we have discussed, “how to upload songs to Spotify”? We have diagnosed the application to help you release your album. But before uploading any song you must identify, “Are you receiving what you deserve”? To prevent your loss, you must check everything is covered when you upload a song. It shows your authority for that specific beat, music, or song you worked hard for. You must not waste your talents or let others get the credit for your struggle. You should have authorized your credentials before handing over them to anyone. This will provide you a favor that whenever your song is played on any platform, people will know the name of that artist to whom that specific song belongs. This approach will help you in getting paid faster. You should claim what you have created to make sure copyright claims. They are working worldwide, handing over music and albums of millions of artists on different platforms. Once you make a copyright claim for your art on the app, they will make sure 100% of your authority for your songs. You can have a large fan collection and advertise your talent.