Can TikTok listen to you

Can Tiktok Listen to You?

TikTok is one of the most widely used and liked social media applications worldwide. The whole platform revolves around videos that are a minute long at max. The idea of TikTok is to portray a story or talent in the shortest time possible.

TikTok has provided the people who didn’t have a platform to work, a space where they can make the content they like and showcase their talent without any boundaries and restrictions. It is very easily accessible as it supports all android and iOS phones. You need a camera on your phone, and you are good to go.

Why is TikTok Famous?popularity of tiktok

Tiktok has provided a ground spot for the people who had unique talents but couldn’t show them off because they couldn’t be on mainstream media. Whether you live in a village or anywhere, you can just take out your phone and record your TikTok video. The app also comes with a built-in editor, so if you don’t, the app is a one-stop solution to all the problems.

People work hard to get maximum video views on Tiktok. You can get great brand deals and endorsements with enough followers, especially organic TikTok followers. Therefore, it also provides a platform where you can earn.

Tiktok has countless examples of many people who didn’t have a strong economic background, but they showed their skills, caught the people’s attention, and earned hundreds and thousands of views. But with social media and the internet, one thing is always at risk: privacy.

Your Privacy Maybe Compromised by TikTokTiktok privacy policy

It is well-known that all social media platforms collect personal data on your phone. Many people recently have become a lot more aware of this fact, which has given rise to the question, can Tiktok listen to you?

The precise and straightforward answer is yes, Tiktok can listen to you. The reason is that you provide access to your microphone when you first install the application. But this data collection is not solely restricted to Tiktok; almost every social media platform extracts your data. The data, however, is not used in piracy or other dangerous stuff as TikTok is a vast platform. Instead, the collected data helps the application suggest ads and videos that you might like.

Yet if it bothers you, there is a way through which you can disable your microphone for Tiktok after you’ve given access to it initially:

  • You need to go to the settings menu of your phone.
  • Once there, scroll down and navigate ‘App management.’
  • Then go to the menu termed ‘Apps’ or ‘App List.’
  • From there, navigate to TikTok and tap on it.
  • You will see a permission menu after opening the TikTok app information.
  • There will be different permissions there. There are two options: either allow or deny. You can choose what information you wish to enable or reject
  • Now decide to deny or allow accordingly.

However, suppose you are worried because TikTok can hear you. It is useless because this app uses your data only to personalize your experience by showing things of your interest. TikTok collects this information to provide an optimum user experience.

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