Can You Use Spotify on Apple Watch_

Can You Use Spotify on Apple watch?

Spotify is the global music application that is being used by millions of people to stream music, podcasts, and much more. Spotify is generally preferred by people due to the biggest and their most favorite artists being present on the platform. Along with that access to songs even before their release and even saving songs in offline mode and listening to them via the premium version are some of the reasons people prefer it so much.

Using Spotify on Different Devices

Spotify is available on a variety of devices. It is also supported on older mobile phones what have older software. It is available for all software including IOS and Android on mobile devices and MAC and Windows on computers. The data can also be synced through an account across multiple devices. Another interesting thing about Spotify is that it is even available for the Apple watch through which one can stream their favorite songs even in absence of a phone.

Spotify on Apple Watch

Spotify on Apple Watch

Unlike many other smartwatches, the Apple Watch gives you the feature to use it as a mobile phone and use Spotify on it even if you don’t have your phone on you. 

Downloading Spotify on Apple Watch 

You can download Spotify on apple watch by doing the following things

  • You need your phone with you before setting up 
  • Open the smartwatch application on your iPhone
  • Then go to the tab saying ‘My Watch’ under which you will see another option saying apps installed on my apple watch 
  • From there check if the Spotify application is already installed or not
  • If it is installed you are good to go. If not then go to the available apps option and from there download it
  • Once downloaded go to your watch and amongst the icons, menu open the Spotify application

The application can either be open manually or if you have your watch connected to your phone then whenever you play music on your phone the application will open automatically on the watch as well.

The Spotify present on the Apple consists of all the basic music features in regular smartwatches and much more. For example, you are provided with simple buttons like pause, play, next to, or recent song. But because the entire application works on the watch you can also play songs through the watch itself. If you swipe left or right on the main screen you are given a variety of options. You can gain access to your different playlists created by you or any saved ones. You can also choose any song, podcast, or album that you wish to stream directly from it.

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