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5 Ways to Use Social Profiles to Boost SoundCloud Followers

SoundCloud is an online social media application that brings together all the music lovers. This is the best platform for people who want to create music or share their music with the world. This platform has built many careers. More than 20 million users are using this platform to launch their music.

Promoting Music Via Social Profiles

Making an account on SoundCloud and uploading music is not the only task. It won’t benefit you unless you’re having a lot of SoundCloud followers. Therefore, the most important task is to promote your music and increase reposts. The easiest and wise way of promoting music is through one’s social profiles.

Once you share your music on other social media sites as well, your followers from those sites will also head towards SoundCloud to listen to your music.


share soundcloud music on youtube

YouTube is indeed the most used social media platform. It has the largest audience. When you upload the audio version of your music on SoundCloud, consider uploading its video on YouTube. If you haven’t made the video, you can simply post the audio version there. It doesn’t matter whether it’s audio or a video. What matters is the quality of your music. You just need to make an account on YouTube as well and gain some subscribers. Each time you post music, you also upload it on your YouTube account to increase plays and downloads. You can also post links to your music in your YouTube description so that users can have easy access to your SoundCloud.


share soundcloud music on twitter

Many artists have used Twitter to promote their SoundCloud music for the past few years. It is such a huge and amazing platform for marketing if used wisely. It helps artists to communicate with their fans and get some feedback on their work. They can also get to know what their fans expect from them.


share soundcloud music on instagram

SoundCloud posts audio music. It does not allow users to post a video. Your fans know you more by your name than your face. One can use Instagram to interact with fans and to get some more recognition. This way fans would be able to recognize an artist by his face as well. Instagram gives many options for promotion. You can either post some part of your music on your feed. You can tell fans about your new music via stories or you can also go live. You can simply add the link to your SoundCloud profile on your Instagram profile.


Another way to promote SoundCloud music is via linking it to Facebook. You just need to create a musician page on this social media platform. Facebook and SoundCloud are highly integrated social media applications. To promote your music via Facebook, you just have to add the link of your track in a post. People would be able to listen to it via Facebook as well. Another way of promoting music is through Facebook ads. It targets people according to their preferences as well as demographics.


Beginners Guide to Get More SoundCloud Plays and Downloads

Creating and uploading music in SoundCloud is not difficult. What’s truly difficult is getting your music heard. You need to tell people about your work by posting regular updates on other social sites. Every user who uses this platform to create music wants to get rewarded by their followers in the form of excessive plays, reposts, and downloads. SoundCloud is all about plays. The more the number of plays, the more you are getting recognition as an artist and your tracks are being heard.

How to Increase Plays and Downloads

Beginners Guide to Get More SoundCloud Plays and Downloads

Getting more downloads and plays on SoundCloud could be kind of challenging, but you need to focus on two areas. First, make sure to focus a lot on the quality of your music. Never compromise on the quality. Secondly, focus on your profile. Your picture, username, and bio should be appealing.

Make a video for your track

SoundCloud allows users to post an audio version of the track. However it is also true that the audio is not as captivating as the video. An artist always need to make a music video to experience high engagement from  fans. Therefore, always record a video for your song. You can post video on your YouTube channel and mention the link to SoundCloud tracks. This will help in increasing plays and reposts.

Take Advantage of Social Platforms

The key to increase plays on SoundCloud is by introducing your account to other social platforms. When you post about your music on other sites, people will be curious to visit your SoundCloud account to acknowledge your work. It will not only increase your plays but also increase the count of your SoundCloud followers. Take advantage of other platforms to the fullest to promote your music. Stay active on social media. Post teasers and images of your songs on Instagram. Post music videos on YouTube.

Beginners Guide to Get More SoundCloud Plays and Downloads

Communicate with your Fans

If you disappear after posting a track, I can bet you won’t be getting any plays. SoundCloud is not the platform for interaction and communication, but you can use other social sites to communicate to your fans. If you engage with your fans, they will show more engagement to your work. Not only fans, try to communicate with fellow artists as well. Compliment their efforts and let them know you have enjoyed listening to their tracks by leaving a comment. You can also repost their tracks.

Optimize your Tracks

It is not only your music that matters, what’s equally important is how you present it to your followers. This is what is going to determine the number of plays for a certain track. Don’t put all of your effort into the track. Put some effort into the image and description of your song to attract followers. The image is what might catch the audience’s attention. Therefore, make it as appealing as you can. Other than that, write a suitable description for your track. You can mention its genre. You can also add lyrics to make it more engaging.


5 Ways to Increase Downloads on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the perfect platform for promoting new artists, vocals, and new songs. A million people use this app, all around the world, with the purpose to discover their favourite tracks and tunes. It also provides an opportunity to its users to download the tracks they like, as users who use it for free have a limit of hundred downloads for each track. While the users who go for pro and premium accounts have a greater limit of downloads that ranges from thousands to unlimited per tracks. Downloading songs from SoundCloud is much easy as people just click the download option that appears beneath the track.

Strategies to Increase Downloads

You need to learn some basic strategies or tricks for increasing downloads on the app, to get maximum plays and more sound cloud followers.

5 Ways to Increase Downloads on SoundCloud

  • Enable Downloads for Tracks

Where you enable downloads for pro and premium users you must also enable them for your free users and listeners, which in turn will increase the download and plays on each track. All you have to do is go track’s permission tab and select enable downloads. Allowing downloads means that you are giving authority to the users to keep a replica of the original format of your music and tracks that you post on your profile. SoundCloud provides you with an option to enable downloads for a single song and multiple songs. So it’s completely your choice which option you go for.

  • Email the Links of Tracks

Sending links of new releases to users via email is an old yet very effective way of boosting the interest of people to visit your profile. From artists to the common man, every person uses email. Thus it is a very reliable source of attracting more audience to your profile, who can increase the download per tracks and can give you more plays on your playlists.

5 Ways to Increase Downloads on SoundCloud

  • Get into a Social Network

Gathering a larger force of active profiles is one of the most effective strategies of getting more fame, on any social media profile. On SoundCloud, people call it a repost chain, where different accounts or groups of users repost a song automatically, with some time-lapse. The basic purpose of getting into repost chains is to maximize the number of downloads on SoundCloud and to get more popularity of course. It is a two-way promoting strategy, as when the other people from the group post a track, they expect the same from you, and so you also have to repost it on your profile. This way the music gains the interest of more people from both sides and it becomes a hit.

  • Use Tags for your Tracks and Playlists

Sometimes people find it difficult to discover the tracks they want to listen to. In such a case adding tags to your playlists, albums, and to your tracks makes them discoverable to the audience. People rely on the web sources where they can find quite easily. This strategy engages more people and can increase the download on this platform.

  • SoundCloud Metadata

It provides more chances or opportunities, it can give to that song on SoundCloud, which is not only limited to the ‘discover’ but also provides them with features of ‘charts’ when it gets maximum plays. The related metadata makes your track popular beyond the app to other web engines like Google, which means your tracks will appear in search also.


Here is How SoundCloud Reposts Changed the Game For Good

SoundCloud is a music-sharing application that lets musicians create and share their original tracks to their followers. It has been serving the world of music since 2007. It has provided musicians with a platform where they can pursue their career of singing. The number of plays and hearts on your track demonstrate the extent to which it has been loved by your followers. Other than that, the most important thing is how many reposts your tracks are getting. This shows that people find your work so interesting that they can’t stop themselves from sharing your tracks to their own profiles. Reposts can increase the number of plays and downloads. Lots of people actually struggle to find the repost channels to repost their music.

How to Repost a Track

how to repost a track on soundcloud

Repost is a way of appreciating fellow artist’s efforts and a way of showing love to their work. It is the quickest method of sharing a track to your own profile. Your followers would be able to listen to the tracks you repost. A user cannot repost his own song but he can always repost his favorite songs from other artists.

To repost a track, you simply have to click on the repost option. This option is available right below the track. Once you click on the repost option, the track will be reposted to your profile. You can also repost an entire playlist. If you want to remove a certain track from repost, you would simply click on the same icon and the track will be removed.

Repost Trading

The number of reposts on a track matters a lot to an artist because it is what makes their music famous. Ever since repost trading came into the world of SoundCloud, promoting music has become a lot easier. Not only it helps in increasing the number of plays or downloads, but it also enhances your reach. Another benefit of repost trading is that it can help in growing your SoundCloud followers.

How Does It Work?

To make it work, an agreement is made between two people who own a SoundCloud account. They repost each other’s tracks to introduce the music of the fellow artist to one’s own followers. This is a very wise tactic of SoundCloud marketing.

Reposts As a Game Changer For SoundCloud

1. Helps You Gain New Followers

gain new followers on SoundCloud by Reposts

Repost is actually a game-changer. A person who reposts your tracks is sharing it with his followers. It introduces your music to new audiences which might turn them into fans and followers if they love your music.

2. Enhances Reach and Plays

As it introduces your music to newer audiences, it ultimately boosts your reach. Your tracks will be heard by more people which means that the number of plays will also increase. If your music is good enough, the cycle of reposting by followers and their followers would go on.

3. Increased Collaboration Opportunities

Another benefit of increased reposts is that your tracks become famous. Once it becomes famous, your music will be heard by many other artists as well. They might show interest in collaborating with you.


How to Boost the SEO of Your SoundCloud Profile For Maximum Plays?

SoundCloud is an app designed approximately a decade ago for users to find their favourite songs, albums, and new releases. It is the best online channel for artists and listeners as anyone can listen to their favourite music, free of cost, and they can upload their recordings or music on Sound cloud. Most people download their favourite songs to listen to them later in the unavailability of Wi-Fi, but Sound cloud provides you to listen offline, to the tracks you like.

What is SEO?

seoSoundCloud is also the best platform for marketing and promotional cause, as you just have to drop your album and boost your Search Engine Optimization. It costs quite less than arranging concerts or tours. SEO plays a vital role in the world of marketing, be it for music, business, or any company. It provides you the opportunity to promote your music by investing less money and time.

In a nutshell, social media marketing is very essential for every business in today’s world, and SoundCloud is no exception.

How Does It Work?

You can drag the attention of more people on your account by boosting your SoundCloud SEO, which in turn gives you more SoundCloud followers, more clicks, and maximum plays for your playlists. It works differently for artists and businesses because the audience comes across brands and artists on sound cloud in various ways. When it comes to the bond of music and marketing then we all aware of the fact that music is also a kind of business that also needs to be promoted like any other business. So you need to understand the techniques of using the pros of SEO, for getting more fame on Sound cloud.

Read this social media marketing guide for beginners to learn all the basics and much more.

In page and off-page Optimization

In page and off-page Optimization

For music, it works differently as it provides them with the opportunity of in page and off-page optimization which makes their ranking better on Search engines such as Google. This makes it easier for people to reach their profiles. Thus they get maximum plays on their music, by using this strategy. On-page optimization is based on;

  • Optimizing your profile includes the personalization of your display picture, your brief description about you and your brand or your collection.
  • Optimizing your tracks that include making titles, related tags, appealing images that catch the eye of followers, and some informative description about your tracks. This makes it easier for people to find your tracks or your Soundcloud profile.

Why to Boost SEO on SoundCloud?

Increasing SEO on Soundcloud means increasing your popularity on the platform. People do not always search for albums or artists by directly typing the whole name as it happens sometimes when people don’t know about the artist but they know about the song. In such case the relevant tags for your tracks made by on-page optimization lessen your worries as when people tend to enter the word similar to the name of your song or your profile, the search engine starts showing up different options with you on the top. This is why it is important to boost your SEO on Soundcloud so that people can reach your profile easily, like and repost your tracks. It will benefit you in a way that the more reposts you get on your tracks you get more popularity and followers.

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How To Get More Spotify Plays

Spotify Plays is a digital service for music. Users to source millions of different songs from a laptop, smartphone or another device remotely on various record labels. In some countries, this subscription-based service has been available since 2008. It can run on an operating system for Windows, Macintosh or Linux and is supported by devices such as iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.


To drive traffic on Spotify to your music, direct your existing fanbase on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your email database. There are also several Facebook groups where people share their music and provide other people with feedback. You can also drive traffic directly to Spotify using your Soundcloud.
Running multiple social media profiles may seem like a daunting task, but there are numerous online tools that you can use to anticipate social media content and grow your accounts with minimal effort.


Spotify launched a significant new feature recently,’ Spotify Codes.’ You’ll already be familiar with how this works if you’ve used Snapchat. In short, you can now share on Spotify scannable, QR-type, codes that link to tracks or playlists. Start by opening the Spotify mobile app to find a tracking code or Spotify playlist.


It is often difficult to get your music featured on Spotify playlists. The main playlists are controlled by Spotify’s editorial team or major labels, But there’s no reason you can’t submit your music to and work with independent Spotify curators.

Pro Tip:

The Spotify editorial team curating the platform’s main playlists is paying attention to the ‘ buzz ‘ around a track. If your music is featured on blogs or independent playlists, the great playlists are much more likely to be added.
I hope these tips help you rack up more plays and become a Spotify star.