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5 Ways to Use Social Profiles to Boost SoundCloud Followers

SoundCloud is an online social media application that brings together all the music lovers. This is the best platform for people who want to create music or share their music with the world. This platform has built many careers. More than 20 million users are using this platform to launch their music.

Promoting Music Via Social Profiles

Making an account on SoundCloud and uploading music is not the only task. It won’t benefit you unless you’re having a lot of SoundCloud followers. Therefore, the most important task is to promote your music and increase reposts. The easiest and wise way of promoting music is through one’s social profiles.

Once you share your music on other social media sites as well, your followers from those sites will also head towards SoundCloud to listen to your music.


share soundcloud music on youtube

YouTube is indeed the most used social media platform. It has the largest audience. When you upload the audio version of your music on SoundCloud, consider uploading its video on YouTube. If you haven’t made the video, you can simply post the audio version there. It doesn’t matter whether it’s audio or a video. What matters is the quality of your music. You just need to make an account on YouTube as well and gain some subscribers. Each time you post music, you also upload it on your YouTube account to increase plays and downloads. You can also post links to your music in your YouTube description so that users can have easy access to your SoundCloud.


share soundcloud music on twitter

Many artists have used Twitter to promote their SoundCloud music for the past few years. It is such a huge and amazing platform for marketing if used wisely. It helps artists to communicate with their fans and get some feedback on their work. They can also get to know what their fans expect from them.


share soundcloud music on instagram

SoundCloud posts audio music. It does not allow users to post a video. Your fans know you more by your name than your face. One can use Instagram to interact with fans and to get some more recognition. This way fans would be able to recognize an artist by his face as well. Instagram gives many options for promotion. You can either post some part of your music on your feed. You can tell fans about your new music via stories or you can also go live. You can simply add the link to your SoundCloud profile on your Instagram profile.


Another way to promote SoundCloud music is via linking it to Facebook. You just need to create a musician page on this social media platform. Facebook and SoundCloud are highly integrated social media applications. To promote your music via Facebook, you just have to add the link of your track in a post. People would be able to listen to it via Facebook as well. Another way of promoting music is through Facebook ads. It targets people according to their preferences as well as demographics.


Five Things You Must Do To Optimize Video For Maximum Views on YouTube

Do you have an interest in making videos? Do you want those followers like your content, and you get popularity through one of the popular video streaming sources? If you’re going to get fame through YouTube, then it’s not difficult. You can do so by using fo useful tips to get more views for your videos. Even if your goal is to make money on this platform, you can achieve it. Nothing is impossible only hard work is required. 

Use interesting captions

When you upload your video, then there is a need that viewers reach your content. The question is, how? How will people find your videos on this platform? The answer is simple; they will search by using certain words. For that reason, try to add captions or transcripts that are easy to search. You can use the words that most people use to reach the content. Use the closed captions that will help you get more Viewsand automatically you will have improved viewership traffic.

Your content must be appealing.

Viewers are always hunting for appealing videos. They don’t need only interesting captions; rather, the video you upload must have inspiring content. It will help is providing better behavioral analytics. In this way, you will not get more likes, but the YouTube algorithm will also reward your video with organic search options. Moreover, try to upload videos that contain educational or entertainment purposes. It must be engaging. All these factors help in the improvement of views and assist in the improvement of ranking on YouTube.

Upload videos related to the ongoing trend

It is a very important factor that will help you to grow in this platform. For newbies, if they want to improve their viewership, they should upload videos that are related to the trend. It is because most people show interest in watching particular videos. If you upload the video of the same trend, then there are chances to get more comments, and your ranking will be better in a few days.


The end screen is important.

End screens are key factors in the promotion of your YouTube content. It comprises of three elements. It points out your viewers about the next videos, channels, or playlist. It calls the user to subscribe to your channels, and promote your website or business. So, when you complete your video, leave some space for the end screen. Therefore, when the video ends, the users also see the promotional stuff that end of the video. It will help them to watch other content from your channel. It will ultimately help in the improvement of likes. Even you can add for more queries, click on comment. It will help you taking suggestions, and you will upload content with improvement.

Use of autopay

Another best way to seek the attention of YouTube subscribers is the addition of the autoplay option at the end of each video. You can use it for explanatory videos. Try to add the autoplay for the educational videos.

These are a few tips if someone follows, then he can get the expected number of targeted audiences. One more thing focuses on the video’s quality as most subscribers come again as they love the variety of videos you shared with them.

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How To Get More Spotify Plays

Spotify Plays is a digital service for music. Users to source millions of different songs from a laptop, smartphone or another device remotely on various record labels. In some countries, this subscription-based service has been available since 2008. It can run on an operating system for Windows, Macintosh or Linux and is supported by devices such as iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.


To drive traffic on Spotify to your music, direct your existing fanbase on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your email database. There are also several Facebook groups where people share their music and provide other people with feedback. You can also drive traffic directly to Spotify using your Soundcloud.
Running multiple social media profiles may seem like a daunting task, but there are numerous online tools that you can use to anticipate social media content and grow your accounts with minimal effort.


Spotify launched a significant new feature recently,’ Spotify Codes.’ You’ll already be familiar with how this works if you’ve used Snapchat. In short, you can now share on Spotify scannable, QR-type, codes that link to tracks or playlists. Start by opening the Spotify mobile app to find a tracking code or Spotify playlist.


It is often difficult to get your music featured on Spotify playlists. The main playlists are controlled by Spotify’s editorial team or major labels, But there’s no reason you can’t submit your music to and work with independent Spotify curators.

Pro Tip:

The Spotify editorial team curating the platform’s main playlists is paying attention to the ‘ buzz ‘ around a track. If your music is featured on blogs or independent playlists, the great playlists are much more likely to be added.
I hope these tips help you rack up more plays and become a Spotify star.


How to Get Popular on YouTube

Every day with over 2 billion views, one would think it’s easy to get real views on YouTube, but they could be wrong. Although YouTube has a tremendous amount of traffic, there is also a massive amount of uploading videos. Potential viewers overlook millions of videos each day. So how are you going to make sure your video isn’t one of those millions? The logic is pretty simple; the more views you get from your video, the more you will earn. Because of the search algorithms of YouTube, view count contributes most to finding video relevance for video searchers. If you are looking for the answer: How to Get Popular on Youtube, read complete post.

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Why Buy YouTube Views

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