How can you pause a YouTube upload

How Can you Pause a YouTube Upload?

YouTube is a video streaming platform with over 2 billion active accounts. It is a home to millions of content creators. Through an in depth analysis there are over 50 million active users on the YouTube application that are acting as content creators and many of them are earning from them.
Because there are so many YouTubers, some of them are from areas that are backwards as well they don’t necessarily know how to operate the YouTube application therefore they need assistance and are not familiar with the working. These kinds of people need help in operating it.

Problems Faced by New YouTubers

How can you pause a YouTube upload

New YouTubers face a lot of problems. One of them is the uploading of videos. Once they have done making videos the next step is to upload them. Uploading the videos requires a good internet connection. The videos that are in at least resolution of 720p are huge in size and if you don’t have a quick internet then the videos will take very long to upload.
But there might be issues in disconnections which can completely cut off the uploads therefore many people ask the question of how can you pause a YouTube upload so that it may not get cancelled in case of no connection.

Pausing a YouTube Upload

To pause a video upload on YouTube follow the below given procedure:

  • So one thing should be kept in mind that we cannot pause an upload on YouTube directly as the application doesn’t allow it.
  • However YouTube has a great feature that lets you upload from where you left the video.
  • If on YouTube, you upload a video via dropbox and in case you want to pause the best thing is to simply cancel the upload.

Upload YouTube video via Dropbox

  • However, cancelling the upload will not kill the amount of percent the video was uploaded when you were uploading it. So, when you re-upload the video it will start from the point where you cancelled it.

This is a nice little feature from YouTube that doesn’t let your upload time get to any waste. In the previous versions of YouTube, there was a feature that let you pause the upload at any point but now it has been removed and been replaced by the smart functionality that doesn’t waste your time and starts from the same amount of percentage where you left off.

These small things are the reason that YouTube is so popular among the creators. The algorithms, smart features and other small features make it different and better than other applications which makes the people like it.

This is especially helpful for the people that live in areas where there are power outages and in those cases where the upload is taking a lot of time but you need to use your computer. Then you can just cancel your upload and let it upload from where you left off.

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