Cancel Spotify Premium on Android

How Do I Cancel Spotify on Android?

If there is one music streaming platform that is known worldwide and is the most popular among the artists as well as listeners that is Spotify. It is the world’s biggest music streaming platform and has thousands of artists working on it. It also has millions of listeners as well. The best part about Spotify is the huge amount of songs and playlists you get on it from various artists.

You can stream your favorite songs on Spotify. All the biggest celebrities with the biggest of names are partnered with it to provide music. Some people, in fact, most people prefer to buy the paid version of Spotify that is called Spotify premium rather than the standard version.

Everything You Should Know About Spotify Premium Duo

Spotify Premium

Spotify premium unlocks a variety of key features to your application that you cannot access in the standard mode. One of the biggest features is that you are able to install entire song playlists and listen to them offline so there is no need for an internet connection.

How to Download Spotify Playlists Plays?

There are also other valuable features like unlimited song skips and some others that make the paid version superior.

Canceling Your Spotify Premium

Due to some reason, if you want to cancel your Spotify premium membership because you want to change your plan or it wasn’t what you expected you can easily do so at any time. Spotify lets you cancel your premium membership any time and doing this is a very simple procedure.

So many people ask the question of how do I cancel Spotify on Android? So especially for the people who want to cancel Spotify using their android devices following procedure is followed which is pretty much the same for other software as well.

However it should be noted that Spotify membership can’t be directly canceled from the application, so you have to go to your web browser.

Follow these steps to cancel your Spotify premium:

1. Use any browser on your android phone and launch it and open the software website from there.

2. On the top right corner, there will be a figure click on it and it will open the menu where you can log in to your Spotify account using your username/email and your password.

login to Spotify

3. Navigate through the menu until you reach the option that says ‘Your Plan’. Tap on that menu it will open a page from there press on the ‘Change plan’ option.

Change Plan Setting on Spotify

4. On the next menu go to the ‘Spotify free’ menu and press on ‘Cancel Premium’

Change Plan Setting on Spotify

5. Tap “Yes, Cancel” to cancel your Spotify Premium membership.

You can follow these steps not only for your android device but even if you are on an IOS device or any computer or laptop similar steps can be followed to cancel the membership. Now only the free version will be accessible for you. But you can continue and buy the membership again any time with the same amount of fee.

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