The love of music is Spotify. This is the world’s most used app for music streaming and original podcast which enables artists to become famous by helping them to gain Spotify followers and increase plays on tracks. It is the most trendy and popular music app because of its user friendly features. It has multiple premium packages. This app provides you with many striking features on premium packages. You can listen to songs offline. You can listen to songs without any ads. You can get access to Hulu show time. This is the cheapest app in India and expensive in Denmark with respect to subscription.
This app uses data much less than your thinking. Spotify provides different sound quality, so an amount of data used depends on the amount of quality the users used. If the users use high quality sound the more data the service will use. As compared to video streaming, Spotify uses less data as compared to other music apps.

The Spotify provides its users with five types of sound quality:

  • Low 24kbps
  • Normal 96
  • High 160
  • Very high 320 kbps
  • Automatic it depends on your network connection

Here is some data that helps you to understand how much Spotify uses the data per minute and hour. I am also going to tell you how much you have to stream music to burn the 1 GB of data. The striking feature of this app is it can cache songs that you have previously listened to. It means if you play the previous songs that you have listened to before it consumes fewer amounts of data on second play.

How much data does spotify consume

For Low Quality Sound

  • The music streaming Per minute consumes data: 0.18MB
  • Per hour it will consume: 10.8MB
  • For reaching reach 1GB:  you have to stream 92.5 hour

For Normal Quality Sound

  • Per minute: it will consume 1.2MB
  • Per hour: it will consume 72MB
  • For 1GB: you have to stream 13.8 hours

For High Quality Sound

  • Per minute streaming: uses1.2MB
  • Per hour streaming: use 72MB
  • Time to reach 1GB: you have to stream 13.8 hours

How much data does spotify consume

For Very High Quality of Sounds

  • For Per minute: 2.4MB data usage
  • For Per hour: 144MB data usage
  • Time to reach 1GB: 6.9 hours

Above all are approximate values these are not accurate values. We can compare its usage by comparing it with other music streaming. If we download the music then listen to it then we shall use less data as compared to when we listen to it.
If we go for the Spotify setting then we can reduce the data usage in Spotify. Data saver reduces the data usage of the app. In this way it will show the quality of sound and show few images.

  • Go to home
  • Go to setting
  • Switch data saver on for consuming less data
  • For further reduces the data usage there are several other ways as well:
  • You should always make sure while downloading that your device connected to Wi-Fi and switch off the mobile data
  • Make sure that your autoplay is off in your app setting. Your device also has a data saving option. You can also switch it off while using

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