How Much Does Spotify Cost in Canada

How Much Does Spotify Cost In Canada?

We all know about Deezer, Soundcloud, iTunes, Google Play Music, Radio and YouTube, etc. but there is another famous music streaming app which is trending among youth is Spotify.

The Canadian users waited long about for five years for this app. It was launched on April 22, 2014. It is the 58th country in the world that has this Spotify music streaming service. Spotify in Canada streams music at 320kbps. It has a fully licensed tier as well. It has a Quebecois collection as a part of it in its famous Canadian music catalog.

Spotify gives 20 million songs of a vast catalog. You can make a playlist of your favorite music. You can share it with your family friends to gain plays on your Spotify songs and follow your favorite artist on Spotify. But, if you’re a music artist or content creator, you can also get Spotify followers to boost your performance on the platform.

The premium account holders can access the curated playlist. There are different premium packages offered by Spotify.

These are family, duo, individual, and student packages. These premium packages have multiple features to make it users friendly. By getting a subscription you can access music without ad, offline listening, and downloading and unlimited skips.

There are 300 million users of Spotify in the world. Among them, there are 130 million paying customers which rise to 155 million in 2021.

Spotify is available in about 78+ countries with different prices of premium packages. It has a varied price framework across the globe.

Spotify is the cheapest in India 1.58$/month and expensive in Denmark at $18.39/month.

In Canada, Spotify costs $7.65CAD/month in Canada which is $9.99 /month. The average Spotify listening time is higher in Canada which is about 140 minutes/day in North America. The number of users in 2021is 15.6% which is expected to rise in 2025 by about 19.8%.

The average revenue gets from Canadian Spotify is US$60.98. Spotify users in Canada make revenue of 25% of total global revenue.

The Prices of Packages in Canada Are:

  • Duo premium package: It costs12.99$ after the offer period for two accounts of the same residence
  • Family premium package: It costs 15.99$ for six accounts
  • Individual premium package: It is valid for only one account and the cost is $9.99 after the offer period.
  • Student package: It costs 4.99$ for a single account.

When Spotify announced to expand its business in Canada there is other music streaming app that had come in front as a competitor like Songza and Rdio. The users still switch to Spotify in presence of other apps.

Following are some of the reasons that will tell us why users prefer Spotify:

Why People Prefer Spotify


Spotify will cost $9.99 a month with an ad-free feature.


Spotify can download music on premium packages and users can listen to music offline.


The users can access it on both desktops or on mobile.


Spotify provides a feature of following anyone account whose playlist you liked. Users can also follow the account of their famous music artist whose music they like.

We encourage you to read our Spotify section for other helpful guides, tips, and tricks to enjoy the music and fun.

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