How much is Spotify cost Australia?

How Much is Spotify Cost Australia?

Spotify is the most famous music streaming service that has entertained about 140 million users all around the world till now. It was launched in Australia about six years ago. It facilitates the users over there with two ways of enjoying the music streaming. Not only this, but this platform also helps the artists of Australia to gain more Spotify followers.

Spotify Free

Spotify Free

Spotify free users in Australia can enjoy the music free with an ad-supported subscription. It allows the users access to the music library with 50 million songs, audios, and podcasts but with restrictions and caveats. It does not allow the free users to select one specific strain to play through the mobile app. For this, they need to choose a playlist, any album, or shuffle play to serve up the track in random order. But they can create the playlist, share, like, and download the music on all compatible devices. Moreover, Spotify free users cannot enjoy music streaming without an internet connection, and if they are outside their region, they will not be able to use Spotify for up to 14 days at one time.

Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium

Spotify users can enjoy the same streaming and access to the music library without supported ads if they have a premium subscription. These users can access the premium features of the Spotify app on Android mobiles. They enjoy high-quality audio at any place, even outside their region, without an internet connection also.

Spotify Cost in Australia for Premium Subscription

In Australia, Spotify starts its services for paid users at the rate of AU$11.95/month.

Cost of Premium Family Plan Subscription

At first, the cost of a family plan subscription was AU$14.99/month. But Spotify has increased the rate of Spotify premium family plans for new users from the 1st of October 2020. Now the premium subscription rates range from AU$17.99 to AU$18.99. In the family plan subscription, Spotify permits only six users to enjoy music streaming from one account. The existing users have started to pay new charges from November 2020. The increase in the rate of the cost is due to the broader move towards increasing revenue.

Cost of Student Plan Subscription

For Australian students, Spotify offers a student plan at a rate of AU$5.99/month.

Cost of Spotify Premium Duo Plan

Spotify Premium Duo Plan

Spotify has also launched the Spotify premium Duo for couples who are living in the same place. It offers two ad-free premium accounts only at the cost of AU$15.99/month. This duo plan is beneficial for the couples as it saves up to AU$8 per month. Duo plan users can enjoy all premium facilities, including unlimited skips, ad-free listening, and a category of 50 million tacks plus DUO Mix and an Al-generated playlist having mash-up according to the couple’s taste. Such offers have enhanced the popularity of Spotify in Australia rather than other music apps. Those who are new users and do not have any premium Spotify account can enjoy a one-month premium duo for free on creating an account for a duo subscription. The existing premium subscribers can also switch to the premium duo via visiting ‘account’ on and changing their subscriptions.

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