Spotify is a very vast software. Along with listening to music from artists from all over the world, you can also add files locally on it from your mobile phone or your computer. It does not limit this on platforms as both major software for phones like Android and IOS and the two major ones for computer that are Mac OS and Windows are all supported by it.
The only limitation that you face when uploading local files on Spotify is that you must have a premium account for it. But the premium account does not cost much and is even cheaper for students so that you can stream your favorite songs.
The method to add local files on Spotify is different for both Android and IOS devices as well as computers. So to answer the question of how to add local files to Spotify you can follow the below mentioned steps:

Adding Local Files to Spotify

How to add local files to Spotify

If you have an IOS device and can also be used for desktop if you follow the first 4 steps and have a working premium Spotify account then follow these steps to add local files:

  • Firstly open your Spotify account and go to settings on the top right corner
  • After opening the settings, navigate local files and switch to ‘show local files’
  • If you want to stop adding files from a certain folder remove it
  • You can now click on ‘add a source’ and you can now upload any other folder  you want as well
  • Add the files by making a playlist
  • You need to have your mobile phone connected to the same WIFI network as your computer
  • Now, go to settings and press on local files and select ‘enable sync from desktop’
  • Now you can have an entire playlist with your local songs and download it on your phone

How to add local files to Spotify

In this way you can add local files using your IOS device or a computer and sync your local files and download them as a playlist.

The procedure is a little different for Android devices but not that different. For android phones following steps are followed:

  • Follow the first 4 steps that you did for IOS devices.
  • After getting all the files, add them to a playlist
  • Again login to your phone or any other android device you are using on the same WIFI network as your computer
  • Now download the playlist containing your local files.

How to add local files to Spotify

There are certain limitations and certain things that must be kept in mind otherwise you won’t be able to upload your files. Firstly whether you are using an IOS or Android device, the WIFI network you are using should be the same on all devices for them to sync with each other. Also, Spotify only supports certain types of files. So if your songs are in mp3, m4p or mp4 format you can add them but they must not have any video.

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