Add Sound on TikTok Video

How to Add Music to TikTok?

TikTok has provided a broader range of features to its users. Adding music to your video recordings makes your TikTok videos more cherishable and attractive. You may be trying to add some background music to an already shooted video, or you are trying to make an instant on-spot video with lips syncing. Everything is possible with the amazing features of this application.

The fame of the TikTokers depends on their collection and the blending effect of their videos with accurate music. If you want to be a famous TikToker, you must know which place to apply and where? Most people are doing this to gain more TikTok likes, followers, shares, video views, and to develop a healthy community of their active fans.

Here are multiple tricks showing you how you can enhance your engagement rate on the TikTok account with music.

Recording a Direct Video with Music

If you want to make a lip-syncing video, follow the given steps:

  • Open your TikTok account on the TikTok application installed on your phone.
  • Click the +button present in the middle of the toolbar lying below.
Make Video on TikTok
  • It will take you to your new project. Click on the add sound option on the top of the screen.
TikTok Sounds Option
  • Select the one which is suitable for you. And tick mark it to add it to your project.
Select Desired Sound on TikTok
  • Click on the big red button at the bottom and start shooting your video.
Record TikTok Video

The whole process will allow you to shoot 15 seconds of video.

Editing your Videos in TikTok

Although the TikTok application itself has a vast variety of music libraries and also features to edit and add filters to your TikTok account, editing on a laptop and adding music from this application can be more wonderful. The videos that are shot in parts are to be compiled separately and then added to your account. And they can give a more eye-catching view because of the unique ideas the TikTokers come up with.

Recording your Own Voice in TikTok

If you think you are an appreciable singer, you can record your own voice in this application too. Recording your own voice is much easier with this application. As you have the option to edit your voiceovers. You can change the pace, or speed of the voice or the video. You can create echoes for your sound while reading any poetry or poem. Adding soft background music to your voiceovers is another level of satisfaction. Voiceovers are done by the influencers to record any message, or if the celebrities want to get into some kind of trend. You can simply start recording your video message by clicking the red button, and later on, do the other ornamental editing.

Record your own voice on TikTok

Having music in your videos isn’t only fascinating, but also reflects a selective choice of your music. The people who appreciate that specific category of music you are using will be attracted to your videos and you will get more TikTok followers. You can have a large community of your fans on your TikTok account if you learn to blend the perfect music with the video type.

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