How To Add Icons On The Banner:

How To Add Social Media Icons To Youtube Banner?

Youtube videos are meant to be a source of entertainment for users around the world. Youtube is Linked to every situation of our life whether it is political, social, or economic conditions. Every user having some sort of thought or proceedings can find YouTube, a helpful platform.

Youtube use to provide the platform used to grow the user whether it has intellectual property or business to run. A user-related to any field to life can find its shelter to grow. It provides every possible facility that an online video streaming platform can provide. One benefit is to grow you and support you by mentioning your account link on their page. Now the question is how to social media icon on YouTube banner. 

How To Add Icons On The Banner:

Links On Banner

Adding an icon on a youtube banner is a simple task which is described below:

  • Login to your youtube channel
  • Go to channel art( youtube banner)
My channel
  • Click on the pencil icon.
edit links
  • Choose option edit channel art links 
Social links

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If the channel art link didn’t show up. Use another process to add icons to the banner.

  • Click on the cog icon (right next to subscribe icon)
channel settings
  • Select customize the layout of your channel
  • Enable the icon and save it

Then again get back to the previous process there you can find the edit links option in the pencil icon.

  • Click edit links
  • Select the number of links you want to add.
  • Add title name of the link 
Social links
  • Add URL next to title name

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Benefits Of Adding Icons:

Users can add a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5 links on the YouTube banner at a time. These links will be changed into icons after adding to the youtube Banner. Youtube banners present the first look to subscribers who use to visit your channel. An attractive banner will cast a better impression on subscribers to see videos so that users can get Views and Likes.

Adding icons on banners could be very helpful for a lot of social media stars, YouTubers, celebrities. Because it is difficult for celebrities to let know their fans about their other media platform, where they can interact with them. Youtube made it easier for business. A user running a business can add their website icon to link their business with youtube.

By using Social Media icons on Youtube Banner. It helps the users to get connect with you on all platforms. Youtube’s unique content helps you to get video likes.

Some user uses to operate their teaching classes from youtube can link their Facebook account with youtube by adding an icon on the YouTube banner. It will be much easier for the subscribers to find somewhere they can contact the content creator. Users can add their mostly social media account on the youtube banner. These banners represent the genre of your channel.

The public can easily understand, for what purpose your channel is meant. The channel banner should be most attractive so that it could convey the whole summary of your channel and attract subscribers to watch and share your videos. Youtube video views are most gathered from the public interested in your content. Better the content of the video, more the views.

Youtube Also allows you to run an advertisement on youtube. You can also earn money from Youtube Advertisements. Have good ads on youtube increases youtube ads views.

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