How To Add links On The Banner

How to Add Social Media Links on YouTube Channel

One needs to have social media presence in this digital world. YouTube is one of the many platforms that have gained popularity in recent years. The platform has evolved, bringing new features to help users get more Youtube subscribers. Users can add social media icons to their YouTube channel banner and channel description to communicate and stay in touch with subscribers on other platforms.

How to Add Social Media Links in Channel Description

This is the easiest way to do this, follow these steps.

  • Open YouTube and click on the profile picture, on the top right corner
  • Click on customize channel option and go to the Youtube studio
  • Tap on basic information
  • Once the page gets open, scroll down to find the social media option
  • Copy the link of each social media and place it in the given box
  • Save the changes, and you are done

How to Add Social Media Icons to YouTube Banner

Before adding social media icons to your YouTube banner, you’d need to have these accounts set. With social media icons added to your YouTube banner, people can quickly get to your social media pages from your YouTube channel. You can put Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or other links to increase followers on Tiktok or similar platforms.

If you want to add social media icons to the YouTube banner, follow these simple steps.

  • To start, open YouTube and log in to your your YouTube channel
  • Now visit your channel art (the YouTube banner)
  • Next, you’ll see a pencil icon at the top-right end. Click on this. Edit button on youtube channel art
  • Now click on the edit channel art option.edit channel art data
  • You can use another process for adding icons to your YouTube banner if the channel art link doesn’t open.
  • Next to the “subscribe” icon, you’ll see the cog icon. Click on this.Gear icon near to subscribe button on youtube
  • From this window, select “customize the layout of your channel” and enable it.enable button yes to customize channel art
  • Once enabled, save the settings.
  • Now return to the previous process. Here, the option “edit links” shows up in the pencil icon.
  • Click this option “edit links” and then choose the number of links you’d like to add.
  • Then add the link’s title name.
  • Now add the URL in the box next to the title name you had written.

The Benefits of Adding Social Media Icons to YouTube Banner

Currently, users can only add between 1 to 5 social media links/icons to the YouTube banner. Since the banner of your YouTube channel is the first thing your subscribers look at, an attractive one can grasp the attention of the audience and lead to a better impression.

The addition of icons to your YouTube banner is very useful for YouTubers, social media stars, and celebrities. It lets the audience know about the other social media platforms where these celebrities can be contacted. Moreover, this tends to be very suitable for businesses who are free to add the icon of their website, linking their YouTube with their business. In this way, everyone can connect on all the different platforms, whether business or influencer and increase their visibility.


By adding social media icons to your YouTube banner, you can easily connect with your audience on all your social media platforms. With more reach on all platforms, you’ll be able to get more audience and engage with them more. With the method above, add your social media icons on your YouTube banner today and connect with your audience.

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