How to add songs to Spotify from computer

How to Add Songs to Spotify from the Computer?

What is Spotify?

Spotify is one of the most popular digital apps that streams live music, recorded albums, cover uploads and podcasts. Spotify made listening music easier and gave the users a handy app where songs can be listened to, saved and even your version can be uploaded. By the end of 2021, Spotify aims to expand its services to 178 different countries of the world.

Free vs Premium Spotify

Usage and Importance

Spotify; like any other app can be downloaded on your mobile phone, PC or tablet. It gives its services to Apple and android as well as the gamers can even download it in their gaming devices such as PlayStation. The interface is very easy to use as the songs can be searched, you can make playlists and even download them to use in no connection area.

It helps the renowned artists or even the newbies to grow as if a user clicks on his/her song and plays it for 30 seconds, it would be counted as a stream. The more streams an artist has, the more money he would get by Spotify. A song can also be shared on the app, the more shares a song gets, the more it would be promoted and liked by the users.

Free vs Premium Versions

Free vs Premium Spotify

  • The free version or the trial version of Spotify is for monthly use to make people aware of the app and if they like them, they can buy the premium version for future usage.
  • The songs can be downloaded in the premium version which cannot be done in the trial period.
  • Free version adds songs to your playlist by itself but the premium version restricts the app from interfering in your personal album and choices.
  • Premium version offers better audio quality than the free ones.
  • There are no ads in between the songs to irritate you in the premium version while the free version allows the advertisements to display and interrupt your music.
  • Only 6 skips per hour are allowed in the free version while there is no such restriction in the premium one.
  • In the premium version the app runs offline as well as online but it does not do so in the free version.
  • The playlist also has the songs that you liked on Spotify. Based on your likes, these songs are present in your playlist. This can be done both in premium and free version.

Adding Songs From a Computer

I have described the difference between premium and free version so this option is only available in the premium version where you can upload the songs that you want in your playlist and get them on Spotify whenever you want to listen to them. Let me explain how to add songs to Spotify from the computer.

  • The first and foremost thing is to get a premium version of your account.

How to add songs to Spotify from the computer

  • Once done with getting the premium version, log into your account and open the home screen.

How to add songs to Spotify from the computer

  • Go to the 3 dots on the extreme left of your screen and click there.

How to add songs to Spotify from the computer

  • Choose the option; “Edit”
  • Come down in the next pop-up square and click “Preferences or CTRL + P

How to add songs to Spotify from the computer

  • In the sub contents click on “Show songs from”
  •  A pop-up would show that would give different options. Choose the destination of your song/Mp3 file. Once the song is selected press “okay” and the song would be added to your Spotify.

How to add songs to Spotify from the computer

  • Now choose the option “Local Files” from the categories listed on the left side of the screen.

How to add songs to Spotify from the computer

  • There it would show your uploaded files.

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