Spotify is a digital streaming service that provides access to millions of songs, videos, and other content by thousands of creators all over the world.

Spotify provides much more than mere listening, you can create your own playlists and get likes, and get followers, you can share your playlists with your friends, and many more.

Spotify counts your plays, after every 30 seconds one play is counted, however, you can get reliable and high-quality Spotify plays on your songs from us.

Listening to music and many other basics are free but you will need a Spotify Premium for the updated version. The free version of Spotify has a variety of songs that are usually ad-supported and may disturb the listener’s attention, as well as the audio quality, which is not good. So, you need to turn to premium to get a better quality output.

You have to set up a payment method when you turn to Spotify Premium. You can select the payment method of your choice; credit card, debit card, and PayPal as well.

Once you have chosen all the details of your payment you can change your payment details if you feel like the information you gave was incorrect or if you want to change credit card payment method to PayPal method. This article will focus on how to change payment methods in Spotify?

Step By Step Instructions For Changing The Payment Method in Spotify

Here is a step by step instructions for changing the payment method in Spotify:

  • Go to and log in to your Spotify account. It will ask for some details such as verified e-mail address, your Spotify account name and your gender, and some other things like that. You might have to solve a captcha also.
  • Once you have reached your Spotify account, click on the username on the top. You will be displayed a list. Within the list will be settings, Account, and logout, etc. Select Account from the list.
    Select Account from the list.
  •  Scroll down. You will find a number of options there. Scroll down until you reach the option ‘Your Plan.’Under "Your Plan," you'll find the options to change your payment settings.
  • Under the option of Your Plan click the UPDATE button under your payment.
  •  As soon as you click to update the Spotify will lead you to another page where you can change all the details.
  •  The main title of this page will be Change Payment Details and under the option there you can change your card number, you can insert the expiry date along with the month and year (which you have to choose instead of writing). Your security code and postal pin code will also be required.
  •  When you are done making all these changes just click “Change Payment Details” showing in green color at the bottom of the page.Confirm that everything is correct.
  • As soon as you have clicked on the green bar showing Change Payment Details the details will be saved and for the next time, the transactions will be happening via new details.

NOTE: Under the change payment details that are shown in the green color, you have the option to change the country you’re living in. You can change the country by clicking on the option “CHANGE COUNTRY” showing simply in black. You can choose the country by selecting your country from the list.

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