How to Change Playlist Picture on Spotify on iPhone?

How to Change Playlist Picture on Spotify on iPhone?

Music is for fun, mood change, and tranquilizer. In the past, there were different sources from where people had listened to music. With time, sources are modified to make the listening easier for the listener. In the 21st century, we all have music players in our mobiles. Anytime, anywhere, we can hear music. There are different apps available on mobile such as Apple Music, Spotify, amazon music with amazon prime, TIDAL, etc. 

Most of the time people want to change the image of their playlist. There are multiple reasons behind it. Maybe they don’t like it, they want to add the image of their choice or the image may be inappropriate to display as a cover image.

Spotify is the most trending music streaming app. The features of this app make it the world’s biggest popular user app. This app provides easily personalized settings for your playlist. The appearance of a playlist in this app is a single album with a cover image. The cover image is in the form of a collage having images of the first four songs in the list. So good news for the iPhone users, they can change the cover image of the playlist because in android this option is not available.

Steps To Change Playlist Picture on Spotify on iPhone?

Following are the steps which will tell you how to change the playlist picture on Spotify on iPhone?

Change the Playlist Picture on Spotify on iPhone

  • Open Spotify and go to the music library.
  • Go to the playlist tab in the library.
  • Open that playlist that covers the image you want to change?
  • In the upper-right there are three dots, tap them.
  • Down, there is an option of editing, tap on it.
  • Now you can rearrange the songs in the edit playlist window.
  • Press and hold the three bars on the right of the song and drag them to the place where you want them in your music library
  • Rearrange them until you get your desires cover image.

The first four songs in your playlist give the cover image for your album. So selection of the first four songs is important.

But if you want a cover image of your choice on your album there is a different procedure for it. But for this, you can’t use your android app. Use the desktop version for changing the cover image of the playlist. 

Change the Playlist Picture on Spotify on Macbook

  • In the desktop, Spotify app, select a playlist 
  • Drift over the image, which already appears on the playlist.
  • A pencil icon will appear, click on it
  • Select choose image or replace an image to add a custom image on the playlist

This feature helps you to categorize the album of music according to your taste and situation. Some people like to play music during study time, some while doing gym, some during relaxation and party time. So there are different playlist covers according to situations like party playlists, studying tunes, relaxation, meditation, and workouts so people can add them to express their mood and state. So when the cover on the desktop will changes the custom cover will appear on the iPhone app.

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