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How To Change The Color Of Your Youtube Channel?

Youtube as the world-leading video streaming platform allows users to post video content on it through their channel. Channel on youtube is just like the room in the building named “YouTube”. Millions of the user around the world use to stick with this platform for a different purpose. The purpose could be earning, marketing products, teaching, etc.

There are millions of channels with a variety of purposes owned by different users from all across the world. The popularity of the channels depends on the public or community Following that channel or the content provided by the user on that channel. You musy check GramBulk Youtube Services.

The attractive channel mostly gets most of the public followers or subscribers. Proportionally it will get likes and views on his videos. The attractive channels mostly have a great interface of display on the home page of the channel. Different adjacent colors are provided by youtube for customization of the color of your channel. The question arises of how to change the color of your youtube channel.

Changing Color Of YouTube Channel:

branding option

There is some step to follow to change the color of your YouTube channel:

  • Open Chrome browser
  • Open through browser
  • Sign in to your account on youtube
  • Go to Your channel setting
  • Find for Branding option
  • Go to banner setting
  • Choose the photo for banner use
  • Click Publish to save.

These steps described above are to be followed to change the color of your youtube channel. User can edit their photo from any software in such a way that there should be a major color portion on the header and footer of the photo. The user should create the banner in this way. The banner will be posted or published on the home page of your channel. The color of the banner which is major in a photo or the most prominent color in the photo will be auto-selected as your YouTube channel’s color.

Youtube is an video streaming platform which gives the users to entertainment, fun and knowledge and the user like those videos and by liking those videos helps the YouTubers to increase video likes.

Way To Change YouTube Color:

chrome extension

The method described above is authentic and genuine to change the channel color. The method discussed now is from an alternative source. You can change the color of your channel on PC by following the step described below.

  • Open chrome.
  • Find for extension “color changer for youtube”.
  • Open your youtube channel.
  • Click on the icon under the Tabs bar of Chrome.
  • Choose your favorite color.

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This extension provides other facilities with color change. It provides theme change, font and text color, background color, border color, over 25 attractive themes, easy and user-friendly control penal. Users can easily customize the youtube channel as they wish to change. Different themes can be applied to completely change the interface of YouTube preview.

The background of the home page can be changed from black to something attractive for the user. This color change can only be observed by the user itself, you can’t change the color for other users. This method can enhance the user experience of YouTube while watching videos on YouTube.

YouTube Provides default theme and color to every user. Youtube provides the option to change color but with strong and few with selection.

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