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How To Change Your Name On TikTok? | Step by Step

TikTok has achieved so much popularity on the internet, crossing one billion users, according to 2022 statistics. Getting TikTok followers, likes, video views, and growing your TikTok account need dedication, consistent and quality work. TikTok has many editing features and filters to the videos attractive, catchy and awesome to attract the fans.

At the time of account creation, If you had chosen a random suggested name, it would be easier for you to replace it with simple ways. Content creators begin their account with a simple name and realize that it needs to be updated to match the content they share on their profile.

Like other social media apps, TikTok also allows you to customize your profile and add privacy settings according to your needs.

Change Your Name

You can change your account’s username and profile name as you wish. For constantly growing, your username must match your original name so that people can find you easily. In the beginning, you do some basic settings before uploading content.

Updating the old Name with a new name on TikTok for your account has simple steps. Let’s begin step by step.

  • Launch TikTok app in your phone.
  • Tap on the profile menu at the bottom right.
  • Click on “Edit profile.”

Change User name

  • Many options will be opened, but you will tap on “Name.”
  • First, remove the old Name and enter a new one to update it.
  • Set a new name and tap on “Save” to apply the changes you have made.

Tap on save

So, these are the simple guide that will help you update your Name on your TikTok account.

Why Should I Change my TikTok Account Name?

Many reasons lead to the changing of either username or name. Sometimes, you might realize your name is not matching your ideas, or it’s difficult for the viewers to find you.

The username appears with @username, while the Name of your account occurs at the top of your profile when someone opens your account.

Things to Remember

The following points must be considered while going to change names.

  • TikTok allows you to change your Name, but you can do it once in 30 days. Therefore, care is needed during typing names to avoid spelling mistakes.
  • Profile name and username are two different things. When you modify a username, its means you have changed the URL of your profile. The URL is in the form of


Hopefully, this guide will assist you in applying a new setting to your TikTok account. The limit of 30 days is the hurdle to change the Name, but you have to take care of that time frame. Choose a name, either its original or nickname but always select an easy one so that your followers may find it easily.

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