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How to Change Your TikTok Username Before 30 Days?

TikTok is one of the leading social media platforms used and loved by millions. People make TikTok accounts to view or post creative content showing off their unique talents. Along with showing their talent, they upload videos to earn through the platform. These videos range from lip-syncing videos to dance routines and a short tutorial on makeup or food, etc. The unique content makes them famous. Getting famous on TikTok is so important for new users that they are even willing to buy likes to kick start their journey.

Why is Username So Important?

A username has a lot of significance when it comes to social media platforms. Especially if you are posting content to build a large audience or get followers, a good username is a must. Your username shows how creative you are as a person. It gives a brief idea to viewers about the type of content you post. If your username is a good one, the audience will be interested in clicking on your profile.

Moreover, a username gives you an identity. Therefore, a flawed and irrelevant username may lead the audience not to give you much attention. When creating a TikTok account, many creators often do not give much attention to the username and want to change it immediately. You could have changed your username recently and decided that you don’t like it anymore and wish to change it. 

How to Change Your TikTok Username Before 30 Days?Change your Username on TikTok

TikTok gives the option of changing one’s username after 30 days. However, you may not be willing to wait for a whole month and want to change quickly. This step-by-step process will make your task of changing your username in less than 30 days easy. You just need to make some changes to the date and time of your mobile phone and bypass the TikTok restriction of not changing your username before 30 days. 

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
  2. Click on ‘General.’ Then click on ‘date and time.’ However, you need to be aware that to go in date and time vary from phone to phone, so you need to know how it works on yours. 
  3. In the date and time setting, turn off ‘Set Automatic’ to prevent the date and time from setting automatically.
  4. Set a date manually that is 30 days in advance. Save your settings.
  5. Open the TikTok app on your phone and open the account that you need to change the username for.
  6. Click on ‘me,’ which will open your profile. 
  7. Click on ‘Edit profile.’
  8. Click ‘username’ to change it.
  9. Enter your new username after clearing the previous one. 
  10. Click save after typing your desired username.

With this simple method, you can change your username whenever you want, irrespective of 30 days restriction. You don’t have to wait for 30 days to keep your desired username. By setting a niche-related username you can get hundreds of video views and followers.

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