Change Your Username On TikTok On Computer

How To Change Your Username On TikTok?

When you first start using TikTok, you are prompted to provide a user profile and a username. However, if you’re using App for quite a while, it’s not uncommon to opt to modify one or both. Maybe you entered your actual name and were unaware that it would be publicly disclosed. Perhaps the name you initially picked is no longer appropriate for the sort of material you intend to publish. Or maybe you’ve simply decided that you’d rather be known by the much more intriguing. One of the primary reasons for keeping a username is to improve your online security. As a result, TikTok, like other online services, makes it difficult to alter your username. 



They must ensure that it is you and not some impostor attempting to obtain access to the account. Whether you’re a company establishing a footprint on TikTok and one of its youthful average users, there’s a good chance you’ll be dissatisfied with the username you chose when you opened your account. Our opinions and preferences evolve over time, and that creative figure of speech you thought was the ideal username a few years ago may now appear trite and humiliating. If this is the situation, one might think about altering your TikTok username to something far more appropriate to the “you” of now. Username is important for the followers to view your posts. 

Is It Possible To Change Username On TikTok?


Fortunately, TikTok allows you to alter your username. This, however, cannot be taken for granted. Some websites and applications wirelessly connect your identity, finding it challenging, if not impossible, to alter it no matter how often your life has changed. 

The Procedure for Changing Your Username


Some people spend a lot of time and effort thinking up the perfect username for their attitude. This can be especially difficult when everyone is required to have a distinct login. Others couldn’t care though and are content to accept TikTok’s recommendations — Mike789 and Miley567 are classic examples. Of course, many people purposefully use mysterious usernames, maybe even a random mix of letters and digits, in order to mislead those who choose a smoother, better, and cleaner approach to naming their accounts. If you’ve surpassed your present username, TikTok makes it pretty simple to replace it. If you seek to change your username, please follow the procedures below:

  1. Sign in to your TikTok app using your current login information.
  2. To access your profile page, click Me. This may be found on the lower right side of the screen. Choose the red Edit Profile icon to the right of your profile image.
  3. Choose your current username.
  4. Remove your existing username and then category your new account into the space given.
  5. Save the file.

TikTok will now perform a rapid search of its collection of billions of current usernames. If it discovers that your proposed username is already in use, it will allow users to save a new title and begin using it. If someone has already had used your name, TikTok will notify you at the homepage of your “Edit Profile” screen that your selected name is unsuitable or you’ll have to choose another. Your visible username can also help you gain more TikTok followers

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