How to Change YouTube Font Size?

YouTube is one of the most used applications or websites on the entire internet. It has a huge audience. It has all sorts of videos belonging to every sort of genre you want. It also has a huge number of content creators that earn from it.

Customizations on YouTube

YouTube can be highly customized based on your own preference. It can help you customize a playlist of videos. Also lets you keep the videos in the form of likes and watch later folders. Even recently it also introduced a feature where you could use dark mode on your application which is available both for mobile and the website mode used on computers.

Changing the Font Size on YouTube

One of the things that is a major issue is the font size of the YouTube. Through the application you cannot directly change it. And the font in some cases is so small that it is hard to read it. Therefore many people ask about how to change YouTube font size?

Practically changing the font size on the YouTube application or the website is not possible. But browsers and mobiles offer customizations. Through these customizations we can change the font size of the entire device or the browser. This way the font size on YouTube gets changed as well.

To change the font size follow the instructions given below:

There are two main ways through which you can change the font of browser which automatically changes the YouTube font.

How to change YouTube font size

  • On your computer whether mac or windows open the YouTube website
  • Once in your browser, you can go to any empty space on the YouTube, then press down the control key and move your scroll wheel upwards
  • It will increase the font of the entire page and you can select the best size for you.

Another way to Increase Font

Another way to increase the font size on YouTube is to download a browser extension. The extension lets you change the size of the font according to your need.

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On Mobile Phone

On a mobile phone you can change the font through the mobile OS. Your mobile has a feature that lets you change the entire font size of the phone. This applies to the entire applications on your phone. So, if you make the font bigger, it will increase the font size on YouTube application as well.

In this way you can change the font size on the YouTube application or website to make the readability better as the normal size is very small. There is no way at the moment through which we can change the font size directly from the application however we might get it in a future update as the developers keep on upgrading the application. So, for now you can change it via the above given methods but this might change in future as the font size is a major contributing factor for many people.

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