How To Change Youtube Quality On Ps4?

The PlayStation 4 is a home-based gameplay system; it supports social interaction by adding many features like online gameplay. The addition of the youtube option is one of them to increase social interaction.

Now you can enjoy YouTube videos on ps4, so you can watch your subscribed channels and search for your favorite videos. In addition, it allows uploading a video so you can get new YouTube subscribers. Moreover, it supports voice commands so you can search videos without typing.

On PlayStation 4 you can watch your favorite videos, give them likes and also add shares

People enjoy this feature, but one thing that makes them frustrated is the auto-selection of YouTube video quality. If you want to watch a video in 4k resolution but unfortunately this is unavailable. Also, you are watching a video with minimum attention along with other works or just want to add views. Here you don’t need a high-quality video. Unlike your desire, auto-selection of the app playing high-resolution video. 

There is a question people frequently ask, like how to change youtube quality on ps4? 

Ps4 automatically adjusts video resolution, you cannot manually change video quality, but still, there are some ways to watch high-quality videos. You can follow them to eliminate this problem. 

Fast Internet Connection

Fast Internet Connection

Ps4 auto-adjusts video resolution from higher to lower according to internet speed. In case you have slow internet, the app automatically adjusts video quality according to connection. There is no other option for you to choose but irrespective of connection it adds Youtube video views. If you want a good quality video streaming on YouTube, you need a high-speed Internet connection.

Wait For A Few Seconds

When you play a video, you may encounter a bad quality video, but you need to wait for the first few seconds. As the video progresses, the video adjusts its quality to better resolution. Poor quality is because of buffering at the start; as video loads, it changes its quality.

You only have to suffer for the first few seconds then you can enjoy your favorite video in high resolution. 

Use Of Browser

Use Of Browser

You can turn on javascript and use the browser. Through this, you can access many features that you can’t use in normal circumstances. That specific feature includes the quality of the video. However, this is a little glitchy, and people try to avoid its use. 

If your priority is to get access to quality options, then this is the right thing for you.

You can also check Grambulk YouTube Services.

Difference In Resolution of Ps4 and Ps4 Pro

Difference In Resolution of Ps4 and Ps4 Pro

Ps4 offers different resolutions including 480, 720, 1080p and 1080i. Pro models also support 4k resolution. Ps4 and ps4 pro both allow HD resolution, but Ps4 pro has four times more resolution than ps4. 4k resolution is accessible if you connect the ps4 pro with a device that is compatible with this resolution. You can enable this in settings if you want 4k resolution. 

As 4k resolution is available on ps4 pro, it is challenging to play videos on that resolution because of auto-selection by the system. If you want to resolve all these issues, you can try to be patient or use a high-speed internet connection. 

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