Find out who is disliking your videos

How To Check Who Disliked Your Videos On YouTube?

YouTube is the platform for uploading and watching different videos. This is the place where people watch videos and you get likes, comments from them. This is the most trending platform for sharing videos and promoting different content. This platform has made the world into a global village.

When anyone uploads the video, his/her utmost desire is to be liked and viral. The viewers like the videos and share them with whom YouTube videos like increases. Liked videos lead to the highest subscriptions of the channel. This increases the ranking of your content and your video becomes trending. 

At the same time, some people dislike the videos as well. Like and dislike is a viewer’s choice. It depends on them how they perceive your content. Likes and dislikes guide creators in creating outstanding output.

Steps That Help You To Identify Who Dislikes Your Videos

dislike statistics

Following are the steps that help you to identify who dislikes your videos. You can’t access the names of the people. YouTube does not show the name of those people who dislike the videos. This method is applicable only if you use a computer. This method doesn’t work on mobile phones.

  • Open the YouTube page
  • Log in to your channel by giving all the required information
  • On the top right corner, click on your account image
  • A drop-down menu will appear.
  • Go to the creator studio by clicking on it to access all the information
  • A page will appear, this is your dashboard. It has all the information about your channel and video.
  • Now move down, here you can check all your dislike in the form of metrics.
  • If you want to check the stats of your dislikes in different countries, click on the geography option
  • It will help you to identify any person who is spamming dislikes on your account.

This is not easy to create content and satisfy your audience. One who uploads the video and sees dislikes on his/her video is increasing then he/she wants to check who dislikes the video.

YouTube provides a platform for YouTubers to show their talent to other users.  Grambulk offers Youtube Services to get a high conversion rate to earn money.

Youtube image

YouTube has such a striking feature that helps the creators to also recognize that from which geographical area people dislike its content. By checking this, they can somehow understand the reason for disliking. This analytical data helps to understand the creators which traits of people don’t like their videos.

YouTube provides access to the creator so that he/she can get all the information about the people who don’t like his/her video. Apart from geographical location, it also provides other information such as either it has subscribed to your channel or not, which device is used, and the date of liking your content.

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