How to Connect Soundcloud to Discord

SoundCloud has become one of the most popular music platforms for music lovers. Not only those who love listening to music but also those who like creating music. This unique platform lets you create music and share it anywhere. Music lovers use this platform to gain popularity and make their place in the competitive world of music. People often buy SoundCloudreposts to get a greater following and audience. As Discord becomes more popular, people want to learn how to connect discord to Soundcloud. Here is how you can do so.

What is SoundCloud?SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a streaming and distribution platform for audios that lets users stream, upload, share, and promote their podcasts and music. As the platform gets more and more popular and competitive, it gets harder to make your place in the music industry. A shortcut to getting hundreds of SoundCloud plays is to buy them from a reliable platform. This boosts your reputation and will help you gain more audience.

Why Connect SoundCloud to Discord?

People often use Discord to communicate with other players while playing their favorite games. SoundCloud can be connected with Discord to make gaming more entertaining and immersive. Who doesn’t like a little music in the background when competing against other players? Connect Discord to SoundCloud to get an amazing gaming experience.

How to Connect SoundCloud to Discord?

The easiest and simplest way to connect SoundCloud to Discord is through the Zapier app. With Zapier, you can automatically exchange information between the two platforms without any code. Wherever you user you are following on SoundCloud shares a track, it is triggered.

Will Discord Display What is Turned on SoundCloud?

You can set the listening, streaming, and watching in Discord to anything you like. Discord has options including SoundCloud, YouTube, and Plex integration. Hence, you can automatically and easily share anything you are listening to or watching on these platforms.

How to Make Discord Status with SoundCloud?

To make a Discord status with SoundCloud, you need to head to SoundCloud first. Select a song from here that isn’t too embarrassing because it will be played in public. Once you play it, the Discord status will be updated and show “playing on the SoundCloud website.

The Verdict

Discord is a popular platform that gained popularity, especially during the pandemic, allowing people to communicate with one another using direct messages, video calls, screen shares, or voice chats. Moreover, once on the server, you can also engage in a voice chat to communicate with others when playing games. Now people often want to connect Discord with SoundCloud to play their favorite music in the background. The method of connecting Discord to SoundCloud is simple and can be done with the Zapier app. The Zapier app lets you exchange information between Discord and SoundCloudautomatically without any code. If you’ve ever wanted to connect the two platforms, try using the method above. We hope you find it helpful!

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