Disable Annotations on YouTube

How to Disable Annotations on YouTube?

YouTube is the largest video streaming website and application in the world. YouTube has believed to have more than 120 million active users daily. There are many videos on it that have even more than 1 billion views.

Out of many video streaming platforms that are out in the market, what is the reason that YouTube is the most popular of all? It’s simply because how good YouTube is at what it is supposed to do. There are standalone channels of creators where they can show their talent in front of the whole world. Even if someone didn’t get a chance to showcase their skill on YouTube, they certainly can. This way, many people from villages and smaller areas gain YouTube subscribers and start to earn using the platform.

Also, the variety of videos you have on YouTube is immaculate. Its library is full of videos of all kinds ranging from entertainment to information to any genre you can think of. If you want to learn photography, you can do so. If you are into graphic designing, you can learn it from YouTube. And if you are bored and need entertainment, there are all sorts of shows and sports that can help you have a good time.

Flaws of YouTubeyouTube annoying Annotations

Amongst all the rights of YouTube, it also has its wrongs. The platform has a few bugs. One thing that often bothers people is in some video’s annotations turn on automatically. So naturally, they find a way to disable these annotations. Annotations are text which makes the viewers more immersed in the videos however in some cases they can become more of a hindrance than a feature.

To Disable Annotations on YouTube

When the annotations are playing, there will be the settings icon in the bottom right corner of the video window. Simply click on it, and you will see the ‘Annotation’ option in the first place. Simply click on the slider in front of it, and they will be disabled.

After disabling the annotations, if you wish to enable them again, repeat the process and tap on the annotations button again in settings, and they will be enabled. 

However, these flaws or issues in YouTube have either been fixed or can be fixed using various methods. For example, in the case of scam videos, there is a dislike button, or you can comment to let people know about the video being fake. Another remedy is to report the video and YouTube simply will review it. In case of bugs or other inconvenient features they can always be disabled. Overall, YouTube is a great platform whether you intend to learn or be entertained.

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