Text to speech tiktok

How to Do Text to Speech on TikTok?

It is understood that TikTok does amend its features to facilitate the user with the best service. People who love to use TikTok including creators, influencers, and other users mostly like new interesting features. Whenever a new feature is introduced it becomes a trend to make videos using it. Same is the case with text-to-speech features. When the TikTok team introduced text to speech feature, it made users furious but soon they started to love this feature. Hundreds of users are creating videos on this trendy feature but still, most people never know how to do text to speech on TikTok. Don’t worry as we are here to guide you.

TikTok has been the most famous platform for music video lovers since 2018. People enjoy every time and make videos to get high TikTok video shares and amuse their hundreds of followers with funny and informative videos. We know that it is a monetary app that allows users to earn TikTok shares, followers, likes, and comments. To get all these things, it is necessary to make videos according to new trends, sign the latest features, and according to the interest of your audience. These days, text to speech feature is in demand as this secondary feature is unique and let people show their creativity.

How to Use Text to Speech Feature on TikTok?Text to speech tiktok tutorial

Text to speech feature on TikTok allows the user to voice their video text in an interesting way. It is said the original voice of the TikTok text-to-speech feature is of the Bev Standing. TikTok is trying to improve imperfections in this feature to correct the mispronunciation of simple words. But still it is unique in its working. You can easily change your text into speech by the following way. You don’t need to download any other app or feature for this.

  • First of all, make videos using the video feature on TikTok, you can make short or lengthy videos according to your own choice, and you can also make a music video.
  • After you have done the recording, now move toward the edit feature of the TikTok.
  • There will appear a lot of features as you want to change the text to speech. 
  • Move towards the text feature
  • Type text that you want to change into speech;
  • You can change the font, style and color of the text also
  • When you have typed the desired text then click on done
  • To change your text into voice, tap on your written text
  • It will start processing, and after a few seconds, it will read your text aloud
  • Listen to it if you are satisfied with this, then click on next, and if not, you can modify it
  • If you want to check voice inflections you can also add punctuations to see how it will be read
  • After this set the time duration, till how you want to see the test in your video
  • You can also add music to this video behind the speech
  • After that, make further editing according to your choice, and now your video is ready to post
  • Add a suitable caption and relevant hashtags to get more followers


Text to speech is a unique and latest feature of TikTok. Although it requires a lot of changes, it is still amazing to make funny videos with this feature. It helps the users to get more followers and shares.

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