How to download music from Spotify without the premium

How to Download Music From Spotify Without The Premium?

Spotify has become the main platform for music today where users can listen to free songs, albums, and playlists online. People engage with their friends and family to increase their plays, likes, streams, and shares.  While Spotify is all good for most premium users as it offers all the advanced features in the premium version, the simple version of the app does not offer these advanced features. Many people ask whether downloading music from Spotify is only for premium users or if there a way around to download music without the premium? If you are looking for an answer, here is how to download music from Spotify without premium!

Downloading music from Spotify without the premium

There are three different ways in which you can download Spotify music without any premium version. These simple methods are described below.

Method 1: Running a Spotify music converter.

Running a Spotify music converter.

Step 1: The first method to download Spotify music is to download the Spotify music converter. Download the Spotify music converter app on your Windows or Mac. Once it is downloaded, run the program with the main interface.

Step 2: Add the albums, songs, and playlist to the app. You can either add the files to the app or drag and drop.

Step 3: By default, the setting is to MP3 option. You can choose another format if needed.

Step 4: After choosing the format, simply click the convert button to remove the DRM Spotify playlist music and download the songs in MP3 form. The DRM-free music plain formats can easily be obtained.

Step 5: Once converted, the history icon can be clicked to quickly find the DRM-free song on Spotify. You can then easily transfer and play.

Method 2: Downloading Spotify library through Spotify downloader online.

As an extension of chrome, Deezify also allows downloading of Spotify music streams to Mp3 versions without any such ads. This can be done through the chrome browser.

Step 1: Open your google chrome browser and go to the settings à more tools –à get more extensions à search store. From here you can then type “Deezify” to download to your chrome browser.

Step 2: Open the Spotify app in your browser and play your music. After this Deezify will download the music streaming from the app to an MP3 file.

Method 3: Screen recorder for downloading Spotify music.

Screen recorder for downloading Spotify music.

Apart from these two methods, one other method to download your music with Spotify is to use a screen recorder to download music in unprotected forms of WMA, MP3, M4A, or ACC on the computer. Even though this is a screen recorder, it works as well as a music downloader. When the recording is complete, Spotify music can easily be played on every device. When you start the REC, the recorder records the song with the computer’s microphone and sound. This is one alternative way to download music from Spotify amongst other apps.

These simple methods described above can be used to easily download your favorite music from Spotify with ease. 

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