How to download music from Spotify

How to Download Music from Spotify?

Spotify is a music and podcast streaming app. It is the biggest music streaming application in the world and covers almost the entire world and has artists from all over the world creating content on it. 

Spotify is listened to by millions. It is very user friendly and is a great site if you want to listen to either some music or a podcast. It has plenty of advantages over other music streaming platforms. The biggest of which being the presence of the biggest names in the music industry. They release their newest albums and songs on it and for the premium users there can even be some early access bonuses available. 

The best part about Spotify is that it can either be used free or can be bought for additional features. The premium gives you access to many things one of the most prominent being the option to download songs and listen to them online. 

Downloading Music from Spotify


You can follow the given steps to download music from Spotify:

  • To do this you must have a premium account. And if you are on a phone go to your Spotify application and launch it

How to download music from Spotify

  • On the bottom right corner press on the ‘Your Library’ menu.

How to download music from Spotify

It is to be noted that you cannot individually download songs. You can either download an already made playlist or album or you can create one and then download it.

  • Once in your library menu, go to the playlist or album that you want to install.

How to download music from Spotify

  • There are two ways you can download the playlist
  1. Once you have opened the playlist go to the 3 dots located on the top right corner and press it. From that menu navigate the download option and press on it 
  2. A much easier way is to press on a slider below the playlist cover that has download written on its left. It will automatically start your download.

So if you are on a mobile device either android or IOS, you can download music from Spotify.

But, if you are accessing it on a laptop which has either Mac OS or Windows you can follow the below given steps:

How to download music from Spotify

  • Open your Spotify premium application with your account logged in via your computer
  • Simply go to the playlist or the album that you wish to download 
  • Press on the slider next to the ‘Download’ written below the cover of the playlist on the right side
  • Your playlist will be downloaded and you will be able to stream your music offline now.

In this way if you have a premium Spotify and you are either on a mobile device or a computer no matter the platform you can easily make your favorite music available offline and stream it even when you don’t have a data connection. The download speeds depend on the pace of your internet connection but it is very handy to make a playlist of your preferred music and then download it.

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