How to Edit TikTok Videos?

How To Edit Videos On TikTok?

Video Editing is a key feature in any camera-related application that comes in store. Whether it be a simple Android Camera, Snapchat Camera, or even Video making on TikTok. Here is a guide to how you can bring your videos to life by simply keeping in handsome handy video editing tricks on TikTok to increase TikTok video views

Open up TikTok and let’s begin. Tap the Plus button to open up your camera and then scroll across your camera settings for adjustment. Before you start your video choose your effects and the length of your video. You can also adjust later by cutting or downsizing them.

1. Setting Up Your Camera 

There are multiple settings available in the TikTok camera before you start making your video. Do you choose a mode for your video, slow motion or time-lapse? Turn on or off your beauty filter, flip over your camera and choose whether you choose to make a video of yourself or what’s around you. Choose a suitable filter and set your timer. If you want to create a video from a camera roll, choose a video from it. 

2. Choosing Your Desired Camera Effect

Choosing your desired tiktok effects

When you open up a TikTok camera, you observe a series of pre-shooting effects for you to choose from. They include choosing a background to fit your video, (which in and of itself supports multiple effects), cloning yourself, you can also speed up your video or even reverse it. The interesting thing is, you can also save effects for later use. The camera effect changes the video to another level that attracts the user to views and it increases the chances of getting TikTok likes.

3. Recording 

Your video can be recorded in sections, each 15 or 60sec long. You can decide the time beforehand and then start recording. Holding and dragging down or up on your capture button will enable you to zoom in or out during the recording of your video. Once one of your sections has been recorded simply take your finger off your screen and click the record button to stop it. 

4. Adding Sounds And Video Volume Adjustment

Adding Sounds And Video Volume Adjustment

You can add the sounds of your choice by clicking the icon on the bottom left corner, which represents music and selecting the sound of your choice. You can also select sounds and add them to favorites so that you can use them again if required. 

You can also check TikTok Services.

Another thing you can do is to adjust the original volume of your video while comparing it with your added audio so that it fits in well. For this, click the volume button and if you want to record a voice over your video, tap the microphone icon on the right-hand side and edit your voice from voice effects. 

Following these easy steps, you can make your videos draw a large number of TikTok Fans and Followers.

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