Embed SoundCloud html code

How to Embed Soundcloud in HTML?

SoundCloud is one of the most popular audio streaming and distribution platforms providing a lot of entertainment in the form of podcasts or songs. Users can upload their music or podcasts or stream them. It works in a way that promotes new artists to practice and show off their talents every day by paying them. However, to achieve that quickly you can either buy SoundCloud reposts or wait for hundreds of plays to go viral. SoundCloud has a feature that allows embedding code.

What is SoundCloud Embedded Code?SoundCloud Embedded Code

Soundcloud provides many features besides just uploading audios or streaming them. These features and options make the Soundcloud app or website more attractive to its users due to its many options and features. An embed code is usually an HTML code provided to copy and paste anywhere else. Usually, an embedded code includes the source link and the height and width of that specific song or podcast.

Why is There a Need to Embed Code?

Users who upload on SoundCloud benefit a lot from the embedded code option. The embedded code allows you to take the piece of HTML code and share it on different blogs and websites. The embedded code can be kept private or it can be enabled for everyone to view. Copy-pasting the HTML code on different websites will promote your music or podcast.

How to Embed SoundCloud in HTML?Embed Soundcloud code

Embedding code from SoundCloud is very easy if you follow the following steps correctly.

  1. Open SoundCloud.
  2. Tap on the ‘Share’ button below the waveform for an overlay to appear.
  3. Next, click on the embed tab. There will be many options to choose from.
  4. From ‘code & preview,’ copy the embed code to convert it into HTML.
  5. Copy the code and paste it into the HTML editor section of your site.

6. This HTML Code Can be Pasted Onto any Site or Blog.SoundCloud HTML Code

You can also choose to display or not display your embedded code by choosing the display embedded code option from the permissions tab. To choose the tracks you would like to enable the embedded code for go to the tracks page, click ‘edit tracks,’ and next choose permissions from the dropdown menu and enable or disable however you choose.


How do I auto-play embed on SoundCloud?

Click on ‘enable automatic play.’ Your song will start to play as soon as the blog or website is loaded.

What does private mean on SoundCloud?

Private means that the tracks are available for only you to listen and no one can listen to them. They can’t be searched within SoundCloud.

Final Words

Embedding SoundCloud into HTML is very easy and will allow you to paste the embedded code into any blog or website, including websites like WordPress. Embedding SoundCloud into embed code will make all comers listen to the song, thus getting likes on your track.

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