How to Get a Spotify Student Discount Without Being a Student

How to Get a Spotify Student Discount Without Being a Student?

Why do people want to get discount packages on music apps? Sometimes, it is very difficult for listeners to access all the features of the app. They want to subscribe for access, but they can’t afford the amount.

For Music lovers, different apps provide paid subscriptions for their listeners. Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Deezer, and many others. They provide subscription packages for their listeners. We talk about the subscription of the most trending and popular music app named Spotify.

Benefits of Spotify Discount Packages

On getting discount packages on Spotify you can get the following attributes:

  • Music can be downloaded anywhere at any time.
  • You can listen to music without interruptions or ads.
  • You can play any song.
  • There will be unlimited skips. You just have to hit next.

Spotify Packages

Spotify Plans

Spotify provides four (4) packages for its listeners. These are:

  • Individual
  • Couple or Duo
  • Family
  • Student

Each package is equipped with different features. The student package is the least one. It costs $4.99/month.

Spotify Student Package

If someone wants a student discount without being a student on Spotify what will he/she do?

Although Student discount has not that multiple features like others. The student package provides the following features:

  • Listen to music offline.
  • No ad interruptions.
  • Make a playlist of your choice and share it.
  • Listen to professionals made playlists and podcasts.
  • Find your music and celebrities.
  • Access to Hulu app for shows and movies

How to Get a Spotify Student Discount Without Being a Student?

If you are not a student then no problem, grab your student friend, brother, or sister who is enrolled in a four-year program. Then follow these steps:

  • Go to Spotify. Log in to the account.
  • Click the drop-down menu “profile” at the top right corner. Select the “Account” option from it.

Get Spotify Student Discount Step 1

  • Click on the “change plan” green color button.

Spotify Change Plan

  • Scroll down to the premium for students.

Spotify Student Premium Package

  • Click on verify button in front of the student premium.
  • Click on the start button a form will appear.
  • Fill in name, birthdate, and college name.
  • Fill on the form and click “verify” the blue button at the bottom of a page.

Verify Student Information To Get Spotify Student Discount

Spotify verifies the student ID from sheer ID. You have to make a surrogate account on sheer ID. So that when Spotify verifies your enrollment it will be verified.

If the sheer ID doesn’t verify your enrollment from there then your request for a student discount will be discarded. So enter complete information of the particular student, from whom you are going to get student discount, on your behalf on the sheer ID.

Following are the steps:

  • Click on create an account.
  • Register the account using a school, college, or university email address.
  • After free registration, you can access different verification segment processes.

Student Discount on Spotify

Apply for the student discount on Spotify. After verification from sheer ID, you will get the discount. This discount is available for four years only and you have to verify your eligibility after every 12 months.

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