Monetization on SoundCloud

How To Get Monetized on SoundCloud?

Soundcloud is a platform for talented individuals to upload audio content like music or podcasts. It is one of the most recognized streaming platforms that motivate talented individuals to show as well as explore their talents further. Many people to get famous on Soundcloud buy SoundCloud reposts so they can get recognized quickly, which can further lead to monetization.

Benefits of Getting Monetized on SoundCloudBenefits of Getting Monetized on SoundCloud

If you are a creator who is working day and night to produce quality content, you will need your reward at the end of the day. Being monetized will ensure you are rewarded for your efforts by earning money. Getting monetized may motivate you to produce more quality content and turn your SoundCloud journey into a successful career.

Conditions to Apply for MonetizationConditions to Apply for Monetization

Not everyone can get monetized on Soundcloud. There are some rules and conditions to follow to be eligible to apply for monetization. The following points need to be fulfilled to enter the eligibility criteria for monetization.

  • The person applying for monetization should be a SoundCloud pro or pro unlimited subscriber.
  • Bots streams are not accepted. Your songs should be listened to by humans.
  • You must have more than or equal to 500 streams in the previous month.
  • The streams that come from an eligible country will only be counted for monetization. The eligible countries are the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland.

How to Get Monetized?

Once you have passed the eligibility criteria, you can start monetizing single tracks as well as multiple tracks. These simple steps will guide you on how to monetize one or multiple tracks.

Single Tracks

  1. Open SoundCloud on your phone.
  2. Go to the ‘tracks’ page.
  3. Select the track that you wish to monetize and click on the pen-like icon.
  4. Clicking the pen-like icon will allow you to edit, from here, click on the monetization tab for that specific track.
  5. Next, you will have to enable monetization.
  6. For each territory, select your username.
  7. Enter all the required details in the Metadata tab.
  8. Finally, save the changes to complete the process.

Multiple Tracks

  1. Open the SoundCloud app on your mobile phone.
  2. Click and go to the ‘tracks’ page.
  3. Select all the tracks that you wish to monetize.
  4. Next, click ‘edit tracks’ to edit them
  5. Then click on ‘Monetization.’
  6. After ensuring that all details on the Metadata are correct, click on ‘Enable Monetization.’
  7. Save all the changes to complete the process.

These simple steps will help in achieving the task of monetization, and you will start earning through your music!

Final Words

Having a lot of likes on your track or getting hundreds of plays to go viral can be the first step to paving the way toward becoming eligible for monetization. Once you are eligible, it is really easy to get monetized and start earning money from doing what you love!

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