Spotify has spread out from simply doling out music to offering fans the opportunity to get hold of show passes early. Presale tickets are a standard practice when tours are declared nowadays, and Spotify has now followed this trend, compensating faithful audience members with the opportunity to get their hands on tickets before most others. However, there is still chaos and confusion, how to get Spotify presale codes or tickets, as it isn’t just about as simple as pursuing a record.

What are Presale Codes?

Spotify have an alternate method to send presale codes to its clients and  you don’t need to be a Spotify Premium arrangement client to get them. They say that they assemble the streams information of the artists in order to send the presale codes to their leading fans, who hear them out the most. For instance, on the off chance that you tune in to The Weeknd a great deal on Spotify and assuming The Weeknd has any show coming up, if you are one of the fortunate individuals who hear him out the most on the Spotify stage, at that point you have the chance to acquire a presale code for his show. Spotify will send an email containing presale code as Fan First messages.

Auto Emails to the Fans

Sending auto emails to the top fans is a method by Spotify to thank the greatest audience members of the particular artist and likes them by offering them admittance to presale tickets for forthcoming shows and by offering admittance to stock from the artists, which can’t be found elsewhere. Fan First emails are shipped off to the artist’s top audience members as indicated by the streaming information that Spotify has on its clients. Artists look for more likes, shares and maximum number of plays to gain more popularity and to make their songs and playlists a big hit and gain more Spotify followers.

Get Spotify Presale Codes

Getting Presale Codes

You don’t need to sign in for a premium account on Spotify, as any user on Spotify can gain access to these advantages. To get these messages from Spotify, you should not turn off any correspondence or notifications from Spotify, so it is important to turn them on. For that too you need to be a loyal fan of the artists on Spotify you need to follow a simple formula that requires a little involvement of your time and energy in artist’s streams and playlists.

  • First of all, if you are not logged in to your account, open Spotify and sign in to your account.
  • At that point turn on the notifications through email for ‘Tour Notification’ and ‘Artists Updates’.
  • After turning on the notifications, you will start getting emails from Spotify if you are lucky enough to get an opportunity to get presale tickets from them.

It is a simple process, simply you must be adequately fortunate that Spotify sends you a fan first email and continue to stream your foremost artist, so that you can become their top fan.

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