How To Hyperlink In YouTube Comments

How To Hyperlink In YouTube Comments?

It is no wonder that YouTube has become the world’s quickest video content platform. Many people didn’t know its usage and advancements. But after watching its usefulness everyone is trying to learn the tactics and techniques to operate a YouTube channel successfully.

If you are holding a YouTube channel, you must know the efforts of getting Youtube likes, views, comments, and subscribers to your YouTube channel. It’s really important to make your channel enticing enough for everyone to like and comment on. Talking about the comments on a YouTube video.

It’s the way how people give their feedback to your content. This feedback does matter. but sometimes you have seen links appearing on your comment section. In case you are a famous YouTuber, others may try to promote their channel or sites via your comment section by getting comments on Video. You can do the same. You can also add a link directly or indirectly to the comments of a YouTube. We will see how to hyperlink in YouTube comments? Let’s see how we can insert a link only.

How To Add A Link In YouTube Comment?

How To Add A Link In YouTube Comment?

  • This is a very simple procedure of putting a link directly to the YouTube comment.
  • Go to
  • Open the video which has more likes and views. So that your comment can be seen by many people.
  • Go to the site or video you wanted to add a link to. Copy the link to that site or video on your clipboard.
  • The next step is to take a step back to the comment section of the video. You have opened in the very first step.
  • Write your comment and paste the link using the Ctrl+V command.
  • Post the comment and you will see your link is posted.

This is how you can insert a link directly. Keep on reading for hyperlinks. Youtube is an online earning platform where you have to show unique content and the user must like it. If you are showing unique content it means you are getting more Video Views that help you to connect with users.

How To Hyperlink In YouTube Comment?

hyperlinks on youtube comments

Hyperlink means inserting the targeted link in some anchored test. It doesn’t stand directly like a link. The text appears colored and you can reach the site by clicking that text. Well, in the YouTube comment section you can’t create a hyperlink. All you can do is to paste the whole context. You can hyperlink the text in MS word.,.

  • Go to MS word and type the whole comment you want to post.
  • Select the word or phrase you want to embed the link in.
  • Go to your channel and select the URL of the targeted video.
  • Go back to MS word and right-click on the selected text.
  • A drop-down menu will appear. Select the hyperlink and a pop-up will be shown to you.
  • Paste the link here and click ok. The hyperlink is inserted successfully.
  • Now, copy the whole comment and post it in the comment section of any YouTube video.

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Things To Be Considered:

All things to be considered

Adding a link or hyperlink to the comment section of the most-watched video can promote your channel quickly. But it has some draws back if you don’t do this properly.

Make sure you add the link to the relevant video/channel only. Like if you have a funny video, search for funny videos having more likes and views.

Sometimes, the owner may get offended at this behavior. He has the authority to delete your comment and report your channel. Ethically you must consider asking for permission important.

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