How To Lock Screen While Watching YouTube?

YouTube is a platform where people come for enjoyment and for watching funny, informative, sad, and all sorts of videos. People like to come to this platform for amusement, knowledge, and many more, and while watching a video one doesn`t like moving to another place unintentionally.

Moreover, YouTube contains many cartoons for the children that the children prefer to watch but the children are always curious about discovering more. They keep on touching the screen and moves from one place to another scrolling here and there. Such children cause much trouble. They can give YouTube likes on unwanted videos and increase YouTube video likes that are unwanted. They can unintentionally subscribe making you a subscriber of many channels.

You can see YouTube Video Views on many videos in your history that you might not like your children to view. Such views, subscriptions cause trouble, and also the children can move to other apps and make unwanted changes there unintentionally. But luckily for such difficulties, one can lock the YouTube screen. But HOW?

Steps Of Locking a YouTube Screen For iPhone

Steps Of Locking a YouTube Screen For iPhone

iPhone provides the feature of locking the screen while watching a YouTube video. The steps are as follow:

  • Go to YouTube from your chrome browser by writing its URL.
  • Go to the three dots that are present on the top of YouTube. Normally the right corner displays those three buttons in a vertical arrangement.
  • After touching that button, a list will be displayed. From that list search “settings”.
  • In the settings, an option of “general” is included that is to be touched next.
  • After clicking the general go to the “Accessibility” feature.
  • Finally, under the option of accessibility feature the feature of the “Guided Access,” lies.
  • Enable the guided access feature.
  • Set the passcode that you will need to enter when you want to disable that locking feature.
  • After setting the passcode your screen will be locked and you can enjoy the YouTube videos with fun.

Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access

For the iPhone, the “Guided Access” feature can be added directly from the home screen as well.

Youtube becomes the no 1 entertaining platform. It provides the user knowledge, fun, and helps to regrade studies. You can increase YouTube Subscribers by giving such unique content.

Steps Of Locking a YouTube Screen For Android

Steps Of Locking a YouTube Screen For Android

The android phones allow the feature of Screen pinning for any app including YouTube. Screen pinning is a feature of the android phoned that allows the user to lock the entire phone and allows only one app to run. This app can be YouTube. This feature stops the children from moving onto other apps and makes them restricted to YouTube only. The steps to enable screen Pinning are as follow:

  • Go to the “settings” on your android phone.
  • Go to the “security” option.
  • After that click the “Advanced” option.
  • Inside the advanced feature lies the option of “screen pinning.”
  • If you don`t find the option of screen pinning, then it must be shown as “Lock screen and security” in your android.
  • Enable the feature in your android.
  • Now open YouTube and select the pin icon to get the app locked.

Setting> Security> Advanced> Screen pinning

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For all the Androids and the iPhone, there are many “Lock screen apps” available on the google play store that enables the users to lock the screen of any selected app including YouTube. One can simply install this app and after confirming the terms and conditions enable that app on the device to disable the touch screen feature.

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