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How to Make Friends on Youtube

YouTube is a popular platform for watching videos that every person uses today. People want to get thousands of youtube comments to get popular and famous. Well, this interesting platform offers a lot more than you think.

While there is no direct way of importing contacts on this platform, you can still find your friend’s YouTube channels and visit them. Also, you can make new friends by commenting on the videos of other creators. Moreover, you can add more friends by using the new feature to share videos on different social media platforms. Want to make friends on YouTube? Here are a few things you can do!

How to Make Friends on YouTube

If you want to get famous on YouTube, you need to learn how to make friends on the platform because this is the best way to interact with people and get more subscribers. If you don’t have a lot of friends yet, try the following methods.

1. Search Different ChannelsSearch Chanels

YouTube is a platform where you can connect by making nice and encouraging comments. Visit YouTube and subscribe to other channels. Ask your friends to subscribe to your channel in return. Subscribing to more channels on YouTube will get you in touch with new people in the comments section, and you’ll end up with more friends. Here is how you can search a channel on YouTube.

  • Open YouTube, and in its built-in search bar, type the name of the channel or a content category that you like the most.
  • After entering the name, press the search icon
  • Then click on the three-slider bar button on the upper-right end of the phone or tablet. On the website, it’s located below the search bar.
  • From here, filter the search and click the channel button.
  • When the channel shows in the search bar, subscribe to them
  • Browse to watch the videos and do nice comments to get new friends.

2. Connect in the Comments SectionConnect in comment box

Another way to make friends on YouTube is to link with people in the comments section. In the comments sections of the YouTube videos, you will find people’s comments. Here you can reply to their comments and start a conversation. Also, if you’re an influencer on YouTube, try to keep in touch with your audience through the comments section. You are sure to make some friends there.

3. Have Private Conversations in the YouTube Mobile App

Another interesting way to make friends on YouTube is to take advantage of the mobile app’s private conversation feature. This feature lets you send private messages to your favorite channels. Conversing privately with others on YouTube will also help you earn a lot of friends and make your name on the platform.

VerdictSocial media competition

As competitive as social media gets today, you would need to put in a lot of effort to make your name today than ever before. Since there are many celebrities on YouTube who have earned their names, you may need to boost your presence and buy likes to get famous on YouTube. Just like in the real world, friends can make your life better. Hitting up with a few people on YouTube can help you build your channel’s name and get more fame. Try the methods above to make friends on YouTube.

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