Tiktok full screen video

How to Make Full-Screen TikTok Videos

TikTok has come forth as one of the most popular platforms for creating short, engaging videos to gain the audience’s attention; as a result, the creators get thousands of followers. Within starting days, it became the third-most popularly downloaded app globally and reached 500 million users within the first year, and now it has 2 billion users. This platform is being used by businesses and people alike to create short, engaging videos. You need the appropriate formatting to get more TikTok video likes because a proper screen ratio improves videos’ aesthetics. How can you make full-screen TikTok videos? Let’s find out.

TikTok Video Edits

TikTok videos work with an aspect ratio of 9:16 for the most part. But often, it utilizes the full-screen size of your phone. Sometimes the aspect ratio of 4:5 also works well. Nevertheless, if you’ve recorded your videos in the landscape mode, you will see the ends with black bars at the bottom and the top. You can remove these bars and make the video full-screen using the method given below.

How to Make a Full-Screen TikTok Video

A good, full-screen video on TikTok is more likely to get more video views than one that doesn’t have it. You need a third-party app to edit your videos to the proper aspect ratio to make them full screen. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Download a third-party video editor on your device like the InShot app from the store. Android users can download it from the Google PlayStore, whereas iPhone users can use the Apple Store.
  2. Launch this application and then select the video. To set the aspect ratio, tap the canvas button and choose the one you aspect ratio
  3. You can select the full-screen option without black bars or blur them if you wish. You can tap to remove these bars if you like. The 9:16 ratio will be enough to make your full video on full screen option
  4. Once you’re done editing, just upload the video to your TikTok.
  5. That’s all. With this, your TikTok video will become full screen.

So, as we have discussed earlier, you will need a third-party app to make a full-screen TikTok video. While you won’t need another app if you’re making a portrait video, a landscape video will need to be brought to full screen with a third-party app. This is because a landscape video will have black bars at both ends. So you will need to use a third-party video editing app to convert this video to a 9:16 aspect ratio.


If you’re using TikTok, you’d need engaging content to get more audience. Until your videos are edited to the best and the entire screen, you’re unlikely to get a lot of likes or video views. So, if you want to edit your videos to full-screen, just follow the simple steps given above. To get the best of your TikTok experience, we suggest you try this out for yourself. With your portrait and landscape videos on full-screen, your audience will enjoy watching them.

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