How to Mark Playlist for Offline Sync Spotify

Music streaming has never been this much as it has now been with Spotify, a music streaming app that allows you to listen to music in different ways. You can search up songs, follow radio stations, save, and create your playlists. This is a streaming service that does not save the songs to your iPhone. With a stable internet connection, this can work very well, but if you are traveling or do not have an internet connection, this can be a problem.

In the case where you do not have an internet connection, Spotify allows you to make your playlist offline. If you want to use Spotify offline, here is a step-by-step guide for marking your playlist for offline sync.

Spotify: How Does it Work?

Spotify is rather simple and easy to use. Here is how you can easily start using it today.

  1. Visit the Spotify website to sign-up: The first step is to create your account on the website. You can use a Facebook account to make it easy to find friends and family. With your family and friends added, you can listen and share the songs with them. You can get more Spotify streams, plays, likes, and shares with more people following you.
  2. Choose a subscription: You can choose different subscription packages with Spotify, but the premium version is recommended because it can give access to all the special features that the app offers. It is more flexible and connects to more devices.
  3. Download and install the app: Download and install the application. There are iPad/iPhone, desktop, and Android versions of the app available.
  4. Signing into your account: To get started on listening to songs sign into your account and enjoy!

How to Mark Playlist for Offline Sync Spotify IPhone?

The feature of offline sync is only available on the premium version of Spotify. This step-by-step guide is for iPhone offline syncing.

Step 1: Open Spotify on your phone after downloading the application. The app will be in the app section once you have downloaded it.

Step 2: Select the option of the “Your Library” tab located at the screen bottom.

Step 3: Select the “Playlist” option after the previous step.

How to Mark Playlist for Offline Sync Spotify IPhone?


Step 4: Once you reach the playlist, choose the playlist that you want to add to the offline list.

How to Mark Playlist for Offline Sync Spotify IPhone?

Step 5:  On the right side of the download option, you will see a button. Tap this button to save the playlist to the device. This makes this playlist available even when your Spotify is offline. The playlist downloading may take a while depending on the number of songs and the speed of your internet connection.


If you think that you do not have enough space in your device to download the music of your choice, try to find out the storage of your iPhone. This will help you identify the apps that are taking up most of the space. You can then delete these apps to get some space freed for creating your offline playlist on Spotify. With this simple step-by-step guide, you can easily enjoy your favorite songs even without an internet connection!

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