SoundCloud on alexa

How to Play Soundcloud on Alexa?

Music is the basis of everyone’s life today. Whether it’s work, games, or driving, you need music all the way. SoundCloud is one platform people use to gain popularity through their music. People often buy Soundcloud reposts to make their place in the industry. 

If you are a die-hard fan of music and have a SoundCloud, you may want to play it via your Amazon Echo device. While Amazon Echo speakers cover different music services, SoundCloud isn’t on the list. Yet, you can still play SoundCloud on Alexa through an indirect method. Here is how to play SoundCloud on Alexa.

Can SoundCloud be Played on Alexa?

Alexa cannot directly play SoundCloud because it isn’t yet added to Alexa’s music services. Nevertheless, you can connect your laptop, phone, or desktop with Alexa through Bluetooth to play SoundCloud music. You can use any device that plays SoundCloud and supports Bluetooth to do so.

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How to Play SoundCloud on Alexa?

You can connect any device through Bluetooth to Alexa to play SoundCloud on it. The process is almost the same. Here is how you can do so. 

  1. Set your device within an Amazon Echo’s Bluetooth range, approximately 20 to 30 feet.
  2. Disconnect your Alexa speaker from other Bluetooth devices. You can also use the default wake word “Alexa disconnect.”
  3. Pair your device with Alexa through pairing mode. 
  4. You need to go to settings on the newer Android phones, then to Bluetooth, and toggle it on. Your phone will alert you, showing that the Bluetooth is turned on. If you have an iPhone, go to settings and Bluetooth. Then toggle the switch on. You will see the message “Now discoverable as.”
  5. Turn on the pairing mode of your Echo device by calling “Alexa pair.” Alexa will respond with “Searching.”
  6. On your smartphone’s Bluetooth screen, you will see the Echo device appear under the “devices,” “Available devices,” or “Other devices” list. From here, select the “Echo” device. It will be added to the known devices list. If it connects, Alexa will inform you. If Echo isn’t recognized in your device’s Bluetooth list, wait a while for Alexa to name it. 
  7. Once Echo is paired with your phone, you can connect it again anytime by saying “Alexa connect Bluetooth.”
  8. Now that your device is connected, just open SoundCloud on your phone. Open the website or run the app on your device. Your SoundCloud music will be played on Alexa.
  9. You cannot, however, control the music through voice commands. Hence you’ll have to use your phone to pause, play, or skip songs. 

The Verdict

We hope you now know that you cannot directly play SoundCloud music from Alexa, but that doesn’t mean you cannot at all. You will have to make a little effort to connect Alexa to your device through Bluetooth to play music from SoundCloud. As with every other device, Alexa also has some loopholes and limitations, and this might just be one. So, while you cannot enjoy hands-free control of your SoundCloud music, you can still play it using the method given above. However, if you are really determined to play, give the method above a shot!

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