Play Youtube on Ford Sync

How to Play YouTube on Ford Sync

What if someone told you that you do not need any physical activity to go through your YouTube or search for some good music or songs? It should usually be required while driving the car or doing household tasks. There are sync options such as sync 3 on ford, which can help scroll through a YouTube page without touching your phone’s screen.

Ford Sync
Ford Sync


Sync 3 could be the best source of entertainment for someone who loves to listen to music or watch different content while driving or doing some errands. With sync 3 you can enjoy your music or YouTube hands freely. Sync 3 is the connection between Bluetooth and your car kit; it also helps you know about the incoming calls and gives you directions to access important applications. 

How to Play YouTube on Ford Sync

Here are the steps mentioned below to know about using the ford sync 3 on YouTube. Also, you can click the like button or view different videos. Moreover, you can subscribe to the channel that you find while driving. To connect your smartphone with the car, follow these steps. 

Basic Connection and Voice Activation

The Youtube video viewers need to automatically have the best connectivity and voice activation from ford sync. Phone connection is nothing unusual for those who own a smartphone. You’ll take a similar strategy here, except instead of linking to another phone, you’ll connect it with the car’s basic and allow access to phone applications you have. You will need to connect your smartphone to the single console through the USB connector. 

Android Auto Steps

To watch YouTube on the SYNC 3 interactive media, you must first install the Android Auto software. This is an excellent method for connecting the Ford and your Mobile platform. But, what exactly will this app accomplish for you? You may use this program to operate apps like YouTube directly from your phone’s center screen, whether using the USB port or wirelessly.

Once you connect both, now you are ready to play the music and add like to your favorite video. 

How to Use YouTube

When your devices are linked, you can use the Youtube app (among many others) to listen to the song or audiobooks. You can simply discover the buttons to tap to play YT directly from your smartphone on the Sync 3 touchscreen infotainment while keeping track of how many of the video is still playing. SYNC with MyFord Touch does not allow audio and video natively.

Youtube On Ford Sync

Drivers and riders often want to watch downloaded movies from smartphones, tablets, and iPods. For this, open the menu on the application to select from various media options such as playing music, viewing TV shows, movies, and so on!

With these features, now you can listen to songs and enjoy movies, podcasts, audiobooks, and tv series while driving without touching the screen. 

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