Put an Emoji in Your TikTok Username

How to Put an Emoji in Your TikTok Username

TikTok is a user-friendly application with many interesting features like the latest filters, easy editing, and versatile content creators. All these qualities make TikTok everyone’s favorite. Additionally, you never realize that you spend hours on TikTok without even getting bored and tired.

Also, the interface of TikTok is colorful and has many such filters and editing tools that help you to make attractive videos for your fans. But creators now want to give their usernames a cool vibe by using emojis and want to get rid of simple usernames. If you have the same question and are interested in changing your username, read this article to get the correct answer.

What is TikTok Username?

On TikTok, every username should be unique, like your content. You can only take a name that doesn’t hold by any other TikToker, unlike the other platforms like Facebook, where you can find hundreds of accounts with the same usernames. However, on TikTok, your username is your identity, and you own that username unless you delete your account. Once you delete your account, anyone can take that username. 

How to Add Emoji to Your TikTok Username


As I mentioned above, the username is a unique identity of your TikTok account, and it belongs to you. Therefore, people often try to make it attractive and want to know how to put an emoji in your TikTok username. Emojis in username can give your account a cool look, but the real question is that can you place an emoji in your username or not? The simple answer is no. 

TikTok doesn’t allow its users to add emoji in the username option. Moreover, the main reason behind this restriction is the connection of your username with your account link that people use to navigate your account. The address never possesses any emoji; therefore, it is not possible to use an emoji as your username. 

However, if you only want to know that how to get a rare username on TikTok continue reading.

To become more popular you can also buy our Tiktok services and add expression to your username, you can use numerics and other symbols to make it unique. For example, if you want to add heart, you can add this way ( <3 ) or if you’re going to use smilies, then use the same trick, like ( 🙂 😉 ;( ;D ). Now, you can convey your emotions to your fans. 

How to Add Emoji to Your TikTok Username with Third-Party Application

How to Add Emoji to Your TikTok Username with Third-Party Application

If you found any applications that claim to let you include emojis in your TikTok account. Then, you need to stop and think for a second before trusting these applications. Because this way, you put your data at risk. When you use these applications, you give access to your personal information. Therefore, whenever you find any such application claiming this, try to avoid it. Even if you use it and prefer to take risks, this will never happen because TikTok did not allow any such activity. 

Now, you get the right answer, enjoy these simple yet expressive usernames, and never put your account data at risk by trusting any unauthentic applications. 

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