How to add text on tiktok videos

How To Put Text On Tiktok?

Tiktok is becoming famous and one of the trendiest social media platforms day by day. People are getting a huge fan base due to their TikTok videos. The time when TikTok was just an app for dancing videos has passed. Now TikTok has a wide user base and it is used by almost all kinds of users worldwide. 

People post recipes, remedies, dance, songs, almost everything on TikTok, and its feature of adding text on the videos is just amazing. This feature lets you have an increased engagement on your videos and more TikTok Likes than usual. Not only just simple text, but you can also add effects and animations which makes your TikTok videos even more fun and exciting. Below mentioned is the procedure you can follow and make your videos amazing and more engaging for your followers by adding text to them. 

Add Text To Your Videos On TikTok

Adding text to videos on TikTok is not a tough task, you can add simply by adding text boxes. You can also add stickers, sounds, and effects of your own choice. 

  1. Open the TikTok application on a mobile phone. Select the video you want to edit, make one or select any previous video. 
  2. Select the editing menu on the video you have selected and tap over the text icon present on the screen’s bottom. Tap on TikTok Text
  3. The keyboard will appear on your screen and you can insert text whatever you want. 
  4. You can select your choice of color and any shade within the given options. 
  5. You can select your preference out of various font styles. change the writing style
  6. In addition, you can align the text in the left, right, or center. 
  7. Once you have entered the text and completed editing, select done. 
  8. Position text by dragging the text anywhere on the screen. 
  9. Click next and upload your video. 

Tiktok Text Duration

This is one of the most amazing features in the text update of TikTok. You can manage the time duration of text on your TikTok videos and make them disappear whenever you want to make your videos look more interesting to increase TikTok Video Views

Below mentioned are the steps:

  1. Click on the text over the video you had inserted previously
  2. See the options that appear on the screen and select the duration Select the set duration
  3. Now you can drag the option left-right and select the duration of your choice. Select the duration according to your choice
  4. You can also preview the video by playing it
  5. And tap done in the end and proceed with your video. 

Editing Text

Other than creating text on Tiktok videos, you also have an option of editing already written text. You can change, alter or remove text on your videos but this can only be done when the videos are in draft. 

Below mentioned are the easy to follow steps:

  1. Tap the text that you have already entered on your video. Select Edit from the given options.
  2. This way you can redo the text, change text, change effects and change stickers from the given options.
  3. Select done and your video is completed.
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