How to Remove Audio From Uploaded YouTube Video?

How to Remove Audio from Uploaded YouTube Videos?

YouTube is the platform for millions of users. From a very long time people have used it for entertainment by watching different videos on it. They like their favorite videos and share them with others. In this way, the one who posted the video gets recognition. This platform is popular for earning. Those whose content gets recognition by gaining millions of Youtube likes, shares and views get paid. The recognized and popular content gets recognition, which leads to a high number of subscribers. The video owners got an increase in the YouTube channel subscribers. So we can say it is a good, two-way platform for everyone.

Most of the times when we upload the video, we feel that the audio should be changed or replaced with some other. We want to remove the audio from uploaded videos on YouTube. There are multiple reasons behind it. We want to replace the existing audio in the video with the sound which we like. Sometimes we want some other voice over or sometimes we just want a quiet video because of the presence of noise behind. So I shall tell you today how you can remove audio from uploaded video?

Steps to Remove the Audio from Uploaded YouTube Video

First Method

Uni-converter to remove audio from video

The method is very simple and easy. It is based on a single click. All you need in the uni-converter. With the help of this, you can remove the audio from video rapidly. This is free to use an online program. You don’t need to make an extra effort to download the software. You only have to add the URL of your video whose audio you want to remove and paste the URL in the program. It will remove the audio and mute it in no time. It can support different file formats like MP4, MOV, MKI and AVI for muting.

Second Method

Now move towards the second method which is also very easy and simple.

  • Browse YouTube
  • In YouTube, go to the profile icon, click it, a drop down will appear. In the drop down menu, click the YouTube studio.
  • On the left there is a menu, click on the videos option from the menu
Step 1 to Remove Audio from Youtube video
  • Search the video from which you want to remove the audio.
  • There is a restriction column. Below it there is a copyright claim.
Step 2 to Remove Audio from Youtube video
Step 4 to Remove Audio from Youtube video
  • Click it to see the details.
Step 3 to Remove Audio from Youtube video
  • Click the select action and then mute it.
  • Before muting, you get two options. One is you can mute all the sound when the video will run, and a song will play. The second option is mute song only and not the background audio.
  • Click on the editor option by spreading the audio track. The editing of the video will start then.
  • The video will be muted and audio will be removed.

Editing your videos properly and making it attractive and interesting to watch would help you in gaining maximum number of Youtube views on your videos.

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