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How To Rename A YouTube Video?

YouTube is a friendly-user platform. There is not even a single person who doesn’t know about this platform. There are millions of users present all over the world. YouTube has been made for multiple purposes. Some people use it for watching videos, like them, and share them with friends and family members. This platform is entertaining and informative.

Most people used this platform for earning. They upload videos on different content. These contents are based on entertainment, information, and education. When their content gets recognized by many people, then they get lots of subscriptions. In this way, the YouTube channel gets fame.

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Sometimes it happens while up-loading; we don’t realize that our title is not suitable. Or we should make it more appealing and attractive. Sometimes we are in so much rush that we forget to name a video. In this case, the name of the file which you uploaded becomes the title of your YouTube video. So in this situation how can you rename the YouTube video?

Can You Rename Your Video By Using YouTube’s Striking Feature:


So yes, you can rename your video by using YouTube’s striking feature which makes it user-friendly. In addition to giving titles, YouTube also provides the features of adding descriptions, tags, and categories.


In this way, users can easily find your YouTube videos. While naming YouTube videos with title, remember these points: length of the title should be average, not too long and too short; the first letter of each word should be capital, use number in making the title of the videos, use keywords at the start and place one word in upper case.

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Steps Of Renaming The YouTube Video:

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  • Go to the YouTube website
  • Make a sign-in on the top right side of the page
  • If you are having a Google account, then you don’t need to sign in to YouTube. Otherwise, write user name or email and password, then sign-in
  • At the top right side of the screen, make a left click on the account name
  • A drop-down list of links will be shown
  • Move left to the option ‘’video manager’’ 
  • The list of videos displayed that users have already uploaded
  • Move to the video whose title you want to change by clicking the edit button next to the video
  • The three tabs will appear depending on your account type by clicking on the edit button:
    • A) Basic info: it includes the changing of the video title, description, tags, category, and privacy. The point to be remembered is to use characters to fill the information for videos and not to use angle brackets.
    • B) Monetization: it involves the setting of monetizing the videos
    • C) Advanced setting: it involves changing a license, caption, and video recording date its location, and 3d video options
  • Text box video information appears below. Type the title of your video in this box. Click on the blue button to save changes.
  • A message appears that the detail of the video has been updated in green color. It indicates that the title has been changed.

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