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How To See & Increase Your Followers On Spotify Playlist?



When people create a Spotify playlist they always wonder who is listening to them and who are his followers. But unfortunately, it is not possible to find out exactly who is following the playlist. The only thing you can keep a check on is the number of followers following your Spotify list.

Although it is not possible to find who is following your post. However, you can look at who is exactly following your account. If you are interested to know that how to see who’s following your playlist on Spotify then follow the step by step given below.

It is not possible to find out the followers follow your public playlist. Although the information and feature were active in 2019 and Spotify users can find the people following your playlist. But now the company has quit this feature. Now to gauge the popularity of the Playlist on your Android you can check the following methods.

To Find Out If Someone Following Your Playlist

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The steps to follow are:

Opening of Spotify app by clicking the Spotify icon You will find no playlists people follow on their public profiles in the upgraded version. The feature is only active if the person following the playlist has marked it as public in the Spotify app.

Step 1

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If you are following some other person’s playlist and want to appear publicly on your profile. Open the playlist, tap the three-dot menu at the top right corner. After that select, the option” Make Public” to open the playlist for public access.

Step 2

At the bottom right corner of the screen Now tap the “your library”

Step 3

On the left corner of the screen is the present profile photo. Tap it. If you have linked your Facebook with Spotify then it will appear as a thumbnail for the current Facebook profile picture.

In case if both accounts are not linked, then see your stock profile image present to the left of Your library.

Step 4

the next step is to tap the followers’ option at the top center part of the screen. There is a present certain number to provide you information about the number of Spotify followers you have. In this way, you will see the list of people who are following your Spotify Account.

Moreover, if you want to search for a Spotify user who does not follow your account then in such a situation tap the search icon. It is available at the bottom center part of the screen. Here type the username and scroll down to see all profiles to view watching results.

Step 5

Tap each follower’s name to open their profile.

Step 6


Tap on the playlist present on the top left part of the profile. Above the playlist, there is a present number that indicates how many playlists the user is following.

Step 7

Scroll down the whole playlist to check whether there is the name of your playlist present or not. If the person is following one of your playlists. Moreover, has selected the option to make it public. 

You will see the name of the particular playlist on the list.

Similarly, you can repeat the same procedure for any of your followers.

Method 2

You can view the number of followers on the playlist by using the steps given below.

Step 1

Open the Spotify app and open “your library”

Step 2

Tap on the profile photo present on the top left corner of the screen. If you are linked with Facebook then you will see the thumbnail otherwise there is a present image of your profile.

Step 3

Now tap on the Playlist. It is the second option present from the top of the screen.

Step 4

Scroll down to view the number of followers present in each playlist. You will see three exact numbers of followers who follow your playlist.

If you find no followers in your playlist then check the privacy setting. If you have kept it secret then there will no followers. To change the setting tap on vertical gray dots present on the top right corner of the playlist and then click on “Make Public” to allow users to access your profile and start following.

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