How to See Who Liked Your Playlist on Spotify?

How to See Who Liked Your Playlist on Spotify?

Irrespective of ancient or modern time music is always a part of our lives. The devices for music listening are changing with time. Now we are listening to music within a second by mobile phones and other portable devices. The app developers develop different apps of music in mobiles for the music listeners. These apps are designed with the best possible features to meet the needs and desires of users. Spotify is one of those apps that provide recorded music and podcast. Spotify provides music streaming and offline listening is also available through a paid subscriptions.

Why Spotify is in Trending?

It is top trending because it provides such features that users prefer like personalized settings. In this app, you can change the cover image of your album according to your will. Apart from making a playlist which is the basic feature of every music app, Spotify also provides that you can share your playlist on other social media. You can also make a playlist with sharing of songs with the help of other users. You can easily search songs either by artist, genre, album, and record label.

Most of you want that who likes your music collection. You want to check how appealing your taste in music. For this, you want to know those peoples who like your playlist. Unfortunately, Spotify does not give you the option to exactly know that person who liked your playlist. Spotify offers this option that how many people follow you and who is following you. Following or liking is somehow similar. If someone follows your playlist then it means he/she likes it. If he/she is not following or non-follow you it means your playlist is not up to the mark.

How to See Who Follows Your Spotify Account Using Your Phone

We can see how we can check who is following us:

who follows your Spotify playlists
  • Open the app on your phone
  • On the top right corner, there is a gear option
  • Tap it
  • A setting pop up appears
  • Go to the view profile tab and tap it
  • Tap the follower’s tab to see who is following your playlist

How To Get More Spotify Plays?

How to See Who Follows Your Spotify Account Using Your Computer

The method for checking the followers is different on computers. On the computer following steps are followed

  • Open Spotify app on your windows
  • Log into your account
  • Click on your profile name
    Click on Profile Name
  • Click the follower’s tab on your profile
    Click on Followers Tab
  • Then a list of followers appears.

Have you ever thought about why you or other people want to know who and how many people are following them? How many of them like your playlist? The reason is it may prove beneficial for them in terms of finance. Suppose if you have many followers because of your classy taste in the playlist, some unpopular artist will pay you to include his/her songs. In this way those unpopular artists whose songs are not heard or recognized get fame. So if you are an artist Spotify will give you recognition. Spotify is the source of fame for unpopular or new talent. So we can also say that Spotify provides career promotion.

How to View Spotify History?

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